Thursday, May 31, 2018

The end of May. What we've been up to lately.

May is basically over  - can you believe it? This entire year seems to have gone by so fast.  Now here we are jumping right into sweltering summer temperatures...even though it's not officially summer. But North Florida is like that - sticky and humid.

 The memorial day weekend was spent indoors as we had a tropical storm moving in. Fortunately no damages for us but I felt sorry for the people at St George Island. Mandatory evacuation on one of the most popular beach holidays. Ugh.


We've watched a few movies:  I can highly recommend 12 Strong with Chris Hemsworth.  It's a true story about the first Special Forces team to be deployed to Afghanistan.  Excellent.

Den of Thieves starring Gerard Butler is an action movie about a heist on the Federal Reserve.  We are big fans of action movies but this one was just so-so.  Lots action, gun fights and of course you have the dishy Gerard Butler in the lead role.......but it was hard to find anyone to like and support.

12   den

Shackelton, another true story, we found to be mostly interesting.  The parts about the fundraising could have been cut shorter but that trip to Antarctica was amazing.  Recently learned Tom Hardy is going to play Shackleton and wish we had seen that version.  We loved him in Taboo.

Game Night started off a bit too silly for us but then delivered big time with comedy.  Depends on your sense of humor for sure but there is a scene with McAdams and Bateman trying to remove a bullet that had us howling.  It's a movie for pizza night.

game   shack

Reading:    I have been trying to finish up the Frieda Klein series and have made it through the Thursday book.  When we get to the library this weekend I am going to grab the Friday and Saturday books because - drumroll - I won a copy of the last book in the series!  So. excited!

Some other books I have enjoyed recently are The Tuscan Child by Rhys Bowen, The Lost Family by Jenna Blum and The Secret of the Irish Castle by Santa Montefiore.  The Irish book is the last in a trilogy so I have officially caught up with the Deverill, Doyle and O'Leary family sagas.  Great ending.
Looking forward to some time with the Kindle coming up instead of print books.

irsh castle   lostFamily cover  thursday   tuscan

June Plans:  Also I am looking forward to June as I will celebrate a birthday and we will also celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary. Doug has a reservation for a convertible for the long anniversary weekend, I hope we get a Mustang.  I'm thinking we'll have a few trips to the shore and maybe to Eufaula Alabama for a long ride.  Weather permitting, of course. Lots of photos!

Creating/ Very slowly I am making another baby blanket.  Just acquired nice soft yarn that is so fat it requires a N size hook.  Huge.  But I think it will assist in making this blanket faster as the stitching is so large..

Listening & Sipping/  Enjoying a gin and tonic or martini in the evening and listening to Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Etta James, various blues artists and occasionally some Tom Petty.


That's it for now.  End of May, over and out!


Mae Travels said...

Your weather map is intriguing -- too bad you are sweltering. I hope your planned trip is fun.

Here in Michigan we seem to have been affected by that storm too, with a brief rainstorm and very muggy weather. Our Memorial Day picnic was cooked outside but eaten in a house with A/C on. The mosquitos really love this weather.

best... mae at

Nan said...

This was so much fun to read!

Tina said...

Mae, the mosquitoes will drive us in the house but we use a Thermacell and that helps. Sometimes. Our muggy weather is here to stay until about October. It would be nice to have a mountain getaway!

Thank you, Nan 😊

Katherine P said...

The tropical storm timing was pretty terrible and even up here we've had a grey and raining week which meant headache for me! I'm glad you enjoyed Game Night. The previews didn't really grab me but I saw some interviews with Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams (I think?) that were really funny and had me reconsidering. I enjoyed The Tuscan Child and really need to catch up on the Irish Castle series by Santa Montefiore. You were kind enough to send me the 2nd book but I still haven't gotten to it! This is the dangers of NetGalley! It's kind of like drowning but it's a delightful drowning with lots of books. Your anniversary trip sounds fun and I just recently came up on pictures of Eufala that were gorgeous and made me think it'd be a fun trip. I'm not sure where it is in relation to me but I think it's a long day trip from here too. Have a lovely June!

Tina said...

Katherine, I will say Game Night started out so silly we nearly turned it off but I'm glad we didn't. I wouldn't want to own it but it was a good one for pizza night.
We are looking forward to the June festivities! Thanks!

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