Monday, March 11, 2019

Zucchini Fries make a lovely side dish

I wanted to share a great way to prepare zucchini. Probably everyone else knows to bread and bake this squash but I am just discovering it. That's me, slow and behind the times. I've shared burgers before for Souper Sunday, and really, I am focusing more on the healthy side dish here.


Not to dismiss the charcoal grilled cheeseburger because really, it was delicious. Pairing it up with some healthy side items such as fresh corn and the zucchini fries balance things, don't you think?

This zucchini is super easy to prepare.  You don't peel it, just wash it and cut slices.  Dip in egg white then roll in a bread crumb and Parmesan mixture.


I found if I cook them 25 minutes at 425 F they are crispy enough to pick up and eat as you would a French fry.  This is a modified version from the SkinnyTaste website.  Check it out HERE.


Sharing with  Beth Fish's Weekend Cooking Series.



  1. YUM! I love hamburgers and I love zucchini, so this is a win win for me!

  2. One day maybe we can have this for lunch together!

  3. I'm very suspicious of this but I am intrigued by replacing fries with zucchini. This is definitely a different way to serve zucchini which I get so bored of by mid summer. I'll have to give this a try - with a yummy cheeseburger of course!

  4. Never cook zucchini but would be willing to try this.

  5. This sounds so good. And now I'm true Skinnytaste believer!

  6. Looks easy -- I like that there's no actual frying involved. Will have to try this sometime.


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