Friday, June 07, 2019

In My Kitchen - June Edition

Happy Friday!  I am pleased the weekend is about to kick off.  Long week......
We've had good food prepared and consumed in our kitchen and off the grill this month so let's see what photos I have to share. 

We are fans of Trader Joe's store and picked up some good deals there recently.  The produce is so fresh and the prices are very good.  Can't beat the deal on Beaujolais or cheeses so we stock up on those when we can shop.


 Balsamic onions - these are very good roasted along side a chicken. Recipe may be found HERE.  You can spend a fortune on balsamic vinegar (I don't).  I don't buy the cheapest brand but wait until a nice one is on sale.


The center of a roasted onion is so tender, I highly recommend it.  This one also has Dijon and lemon butter base brushed on it, then drops of balsamic.


 A few posts back I shared the grilled asparagus.  Can't see as I can eat asparagus now any other way. Ok, maybe in quiche - but grilled asparagus in quiche would be good too.

Anyway, Jama made a comment about "rafting" the asparagus with skewers so they wouldn't fall through the grill slots.  Brilliant!  Shout out to Jama Rattigan for a great idea.


The outside kitchen is the big Weber grill. I celebrated a birthday recently and that means I get to pick the meal. I had been wanting kebabs for a bit so, Doug skewered the asparagus and tossed the kebabs on the grill together.


 Just what I wanted!


Here is the actual kitchen where we eat most of the time. Weather permitting we like to sit outside but it's been so very steamy lately.  We haven't reached official summer yet so hope this isn't a sign of a long blazingly hot summer.  You can see Aja snuffling around near the oven area.


That's a wrap for In My Kitchen.  Thank you for hosting, Sherry.

Sharing with Beth Fish Reads for the Weekend Cooking series.

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Mae Travels said...

Summer means the kitchen extends to where ever you grill, right? I like your asparagus idea.

best... mae at

rhapsodyinbooks said...

Love the asparagus idea, and the onions sound delicious!

Beth F said...

Ditto on the asparagus. The onions look fantastic.

Deb in Hawaii said...

I do more of my grilling on the grill pan inside but like the rafting idea for the ease of turning them. But I'm just lazy like that! ;-) Those onions do look amazing.

Claudia said...

You would think, being in Hawaii, we would do more grilling, but I'm with Deb on that issue. It's just easier to use the indoor grill pan. Still those onions and asparagus ideas will definitely be on.

Jackie McGuinness said...

Funny, I was sitting here thinking I didn't want to go our for vegetables for dinner. And then thought well, i have cherry tomatoes, onions and a few Brussel sprouts why not roast them with balsamic vinegar!!! Going to check your recipe as I also have lemons.

Carole said...

Love that blue platter for the asparagus Cheers from Carole's Chatter

shelleyrae @ book'd out said...

Those kebobs look tasty.

Have a great week in the kitchen

(Diane) bookchickdi said...

Yes, those kebabs look wonderful, I agree.

Sherry's Pickings said...

Hi Tina
Those balsamic onions look really delicious. Nothing nicer than sweet roasted caramelised onions. And asparagus is one of my favourite vegetables too. Definitely not barbecue weather here as we are just going into winter. Not that it ever gets really cold in Queensland except that it did actually snow a little on the border last week. Thanks so much for joining in this month, and hope to see you next month. Have a good June.

JoAnn said...

Great idea for grilling asparagus!

Katherine P said...

How do you deal with bugs outside? Do you have a screened in area? I love to eat outside but the bugs drive me crazy. I think mosquitoes come from far and wide to bite me!

Stacy said...

Ooooo! I definitely want to try those onions! Great pics here. The asparagus looks delish and so manageable with your rafting tip. Hi, Aja!

Liz said...

I adore roast onions and a balsamic glaze is delightful. I sometimes boil down the cheap vinegar to thicken and condense it. And Trader Joes is a favorite as well, they do have an amazing variety.

Vicki said...

We've only grilled out once so far but I plan on doing a lot of it this summer.

Tiffin Fiona said...

How clever of you (or Jama) to grill your asparagus on a skewer. It’s never occurred to me. A visit to Trader Joes is always on the list when we visit the US.

A lovely tour ; )

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