Sunday, June 02, 2019

Lemon, Oregano, Bacon, Mushroom Chicken Soup for Souper Sunday

Just last Wednesday I posted about an easy chicken meal - Lemon Oregano Chicken.  With leftovers I made a lovely soup. But I am getting ahead of myself here.  This is a combo of leftovers from two very different meals that blended into a tasty soup.

The day before Doug grilled rib eye for dinner.  There happened to be a bit of bacon and a carton of white button mushrooms in the fridge so while Doug was outside in heat, grilling, I fried up some bacon.  


Once the bacon was crispy I removed it from the pan and added a tablespoon of butter and garlic.  Now tip those mushrooms into the pan.  After they soften crumble the bacon and toss in.
I never said it was heart healthy and I wouldn't recommend having it frequently .....but it was so delicious and perfect on those grilled steaks.


Back to the chicken - the Lemon Oregano Chicken leftovers consisted of two thighs and an abundance of the lemony juice.  There was a tub of cooked white potatoes in the fridge too.  Simply carve the chicken into pieces, tip the juices into a pan with the leftover potatoes and heat.

Once hot, I used my immersion blender to smooth some of the potatoes, then toss the chicken in along with the leftover bacon and mushrooms. I added a bit of broth to this to thin slightly but it was treat as a thicker soup.  What does Rachel Ray call this consistency?  I think she says Stoup.

This was definitely stoup.


Love, love, love leftovers and the resulting soups are never the same twice.

Sharing with Deb at Kahakai Kitchen for Souper Sunday.

(And yes, that's my blue lunch bowl at work)

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  1. It looks like the perfect way to use up leftovers and perfectly delicious too. Thanks for sharing with Souper Sundays this week. ;-)

  2. I too love making soup out what's left at the end of the week. This one sounds really good.

  3. THAT. LOOKS. DELICIOUS. You're such an intuitive cook! I'm impressed when people don't need a recipe. I don't cook often enough to gain that kind of confidence. I'll take mental notes from your posts.

  4. Deb - it was quite a burst of distinct flavors!

    BFR - It's my favorite way to use up leftovers.

    Stacy - Thank you! Just blend up your leftovers, it's always a good way to make a casserole or soup.

  5. It's definitely soup weather here! Cheers

  6. Leftovers -- what a great treat. As you say, never the same soup twice.

    best... mae at


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