Monday, May 25, 2020

Hey Jude, Let It Be, Yesterday and so much more

We were channel hopping on the radio while we drove to the park yesterday and found on the The Beatles channel they were playing the top 100 songs. The songs are chosen from a poll they hosted back in April so the listeners get a chance to vote for their favorites. I wasn't aware of the poll so, no votes from us.

Anyway, The Beatles Channel on Sirius XM radio is channel 18, in case you want to check it out.

They are continuously playing the top 100 and it's hosted by Peter Asher from the old band Peter and Gordon.  If you are a fan you'll love this broadcast.


We hadn't listened to the Beathes in ages but after viewing the movie Yesterday we realized how many wonderful songs they created. If you get a chance to watch this  movie I think you'd enjoy it.

Doug and I were 8 years old when the Beatles made their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan show.  It was one of those game changers for music broadcast on TV, that's for sure.  Probably younger folks don't remember that variety show but those were simpler times and I have many good memories of that time period.

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Do you have a favorite Beatles song?  It's so hard for us to narrow it down but I'm in love with The Long and Winding Road and In My Life.  Doug loves Let it Be and Hey Jude.  There are just so many more such as Yesterday, what a perfect song, it's hard to only pick one.

We have never seen the Beatles but I was fortunate to see Paul McCartney and Wings waaaay back in 1976. Amazing.

Normally I post my link up with Joy for her British Isles Friday series on the book blog but as I'm not certain how long they will run this top 100 show, I thought I'd post it right now.  The heck with waiting till Friday.  Also, we are trying to go camping for a few days before a hectic week starts.  More on that later.  Plus a soup post...finally got it together on that front :-)

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  1. I was never a big fan of the Beatles, but I do like some of their songs. Looking forward to your soup recipe and how your camping trip went!

    1. Hi Vicki, we are in camp now. It had been beautiful weather up until this week and we are supposed to get thunderstorms. Just our luck! It's pretty so far and we have a view of the lake. Soup post coming up if I'll be sitting inside:-)

  2. I'm also a long time fan of the Beatles. It's a family thing now -- my daughter and granddaughters also love them.

    be well... mae at

    1. Mae, we are certainly enjoying that satellite station right now. You would love the movie Yesterday. Hope you all are well.

  3. My favorite Beatles songs are probably Blackbird and Here Comes the Sun though Ob-la-di is probably close up there. Oh and Eleanor Rigby. Though I haven't listened to any of them in forever. I'll have to do a Beatles binge soon.

    1. There are too many good ones to choose from! We have had Ob La Di stuck in our heads for ages after watching Yesterday.


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