Saturday night, roasting chicken

We tried a chicken recipe from Williams Sonoma called Chicken and Basil Roulades with mustard. The breast meat gets dried out quickly, it was good...but I won't make it again. You pound the breast meat until it's thin, put basil on it, roll it up. Mix up yogurt, chives and Dijon, dip the rolled breasts in. Take the chicken rolls and smush up homemade bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese. Bake. It was good, but I think I like the dark chicken meat best.

My cousin Char sent me a good recipe for tomato bisque soup. Yum! The only thing I'll do next time is add sugar to reduce the acidity.

Just started reading a Fiona Mountain book, Bloodline. It's a genealogical thriller. I liked her previous book, Pale As The Dead, and the same detective character is in this book.

Hurricane Ike didn't take a deadly turn toward Apalachicola and I am so thankful. Fay was bad enough and it wasn't a direct hit. If Ike came this way we'd just leave. Nothing here that can't be replaced. We need a cargo trailer or something that will hold the two motorcycles in case we need to haul them.

Last night we sauteed scallops in garlic and olive oil. Serve over fresh pasta and that's just pure happiness. My BFF Mary Margaret hates scallops and that may be her only flaw. Oh, and lamb...we love lamb too. Afterwards we watched Invasion. Not a bad movie but I'm glad we recorded it and didn't buy it.

Hextall got another squirrel and I managed to get photos so you can see why our place is called Squirrel Head Manor. He does a nice job...surgeon precision work all the way.

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