Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rapid Ragu

Nigella Express
From the Instant Calmer section, page 172.

What a snap to make. Here are all the ingredients you will need to make Rapid Ragu. The ground lamb was from Wisconsin and the pancetta was purchased through the deli section at the local market. I had them cut off a hunk roughly 1 and half inches thick.

Here are the two main meat ingredients. The ground lamb is from Wisconsin. The pancetta I finally found in the deli section of the market.

Fry it up in just a touch of garlic infused olive oil.

Served on a portion of rice in large bowls, topped with shredded sharp cheddar cheese.

I have been hustling on the Maeve Binchy book that I can not renew at the libray so ahve been less active posting. Trying to get through the book.

And, I am a bit discouraged by the inability to post to some blogs. It's a recent thing and I am totally bewildered by it. sigh.........


  1. I ♥ pancetta - any which way ... in fact Simon will eat green beans (yes Doug a vegetable) if they're fried off with pancetta and shallots in garlic infused oil and dressed with balsamic vinegar! Makes a great "family style" starter salad.

  2. Hey, even I will eat veggies mixed with meat! The method you described sounds terrific. Who doesn't like garlic infused oil or balsamic vinegar?

    BTW, the Rapid Ragu was one of the top meals this month, IMO.

  3. Well Doug - I will make you the Bacon & bean salad @ my parents' place in France on a summery evening - just get your wife here/there! Happy weekend!!

  4. I'm up for France! Or anywhere there is good food :-)

  5. You sure are plowing through that book - I'm really impressed!

  6. Thanks Wandering Coyote! It's been a bigger challenge than I thought. Glad I didn't pick the Bon Appetite cookbook..that might have killed my enthusiasum...or bankrupt me :)

  7. I have both Giada's Kitchen and Giada's Family Dinners. Both are excellent and I've made great dishes from both. Here is a link to the four posts I've done on her books so far.

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