Le Petit Francais and Ile de France Cheese

Baguette Review and Recipe!

Le Petit Francais

This bread has become a regular shopping item for us. It's wonderfully light and flaky, not a bad price and for the emergencies when you are out of bread - out it comes from the freezer and on to the table in under 15 minutes.

This bread is made in France and flash frozen so you have the freshest taste....well, other than making it yourself of course. The loaf type comes in white or whole wheat and there are two loaves to a package. It's regularly priced at $2.79 which is comparable to the prices in the bakery at our supermarket.

It is also sold in bags of small rolls........

That being said you may wonder why I'd buy the frozen over the freshly baked loaves.

Well, depending on which market you are shopping, you will run into everything from a beautifully baked, fresh crusty loaf to breads that all taste the same. Same consistancy, same taste, well...very little taste actually. Labled as baguette, Italian loaf, white bread, butter bread...and every loaf is identical. Like a different shaped white bread.

But this le petit francais is near perfect. All natural, fat free, sugar free and no cholesterol. The ingredients are unbleached wheat flour, spring water, yeast and sea salt. Baked at S.A. Boulangerie Neuhasuser located in a village of Alsace Lorraine, France.

Here is a recipe suggestion to go along with this bread:
Apple, Brie and Pecan Butter Spread

1 package Le Petit Francais baguettes
6 tbsp. melted butter
4 oz. chopped pecans
1 tbsp peanut oil
slices of chilled Ile de France Brie
1 sliced green apple

Slice baguettes, place on cookie sheets.

Brush with melted butter and bake 8 minutes at 400 degrees. Cool.

Blend pecans and oil in processors until smooth.
Spread Brie on baguettes, top with apple and pecan butter.

Bake until cheese melts slightly.


Nice appetizer before you sip wine and enjoy your entree..............

You could also use cream cheese as a base on the hot bread before adding the nut mixture, Brie, etc......


Anonymous said...

Apple, brie and pecan butter spread sound fantastic on this baguette!

Janel said...

You know, I never would have thought of that combination on my own, but it sounds wonderful!

Le laquet said...

Yum, that sounds absolutely delicious. I keep these baguettes in the cupboard all the time, so good in a "shit we've no bread" emergency!

Joie de vivre said...

Tina, thanks for sticking with me! It's good to be back! I've never seen this for sale before and I would love something like this. However, I was looking for almond extract at Walmart yesterday and found out they only carry vanilla, so the fact that I haven't seen it just means I need to shop in slightly better stores! Thanks so much for your comment!

Pierce said...

Thank you ladies...it's an easy and delicious appetizer. Perfect padding when you have an empty stomach.

Joie - I have found this bread at Publix markets but I don't think they are out west :-(

girlichef said...

YUMMMMMM!!! Cheese :D

Pierce said...

Girlichef - I know you still have that delicious Brie- you are taunting me!

Laura said...

So funny! I am glad you have found a Petit Francais who brings good bread to your table!

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