Black Box Wine Ambasador

Look what I received in the mail!

Who among us doesn't enjoy getting a surprise in the mail. This letter and enclosed magnet was unexpected and very welcomed. Since trying out the Black Box Wine when they sent me a lovely generous sample of Sauvignon Blanc (which I wrote about here) we enjoyed that box with chicken chausser, grilled fish and a great pasta dish with clam sauce.

This magnet is attractive and does a dynamic job of holding lists and such aloft on the side of the fridge. No better magnet exists, in my opinion...but I am an Ambassador of Black Box Wine!
We knew we'd buy more of this wine as it was pleasant on the palate, affordable and good for people who don't necessarily need to put down one entire bottle of wine at one sitting.

Funny because once a bottle is gone, you hear Joseph Conrad's faint cry of The horror, the, I digress :D

We saw the wine stocked at, of all places, a local WalMart, and did not purchase it on sight. We were sorry because it appeared to be pulled from the shelves. We thought we'd have to go on a hunt for the box in prep of Autumn meal planning. A nice pinot or shiraz. Oh, you can't go wrong with a cab.

And our great satisfaction, when we stopped to grab some ice cream, there was a small display of the Black Box wine - Cabernet sauvignon. Perfect.

I'm saving this box for a coq au vin or maybe a cassoulet.........we'll see. If you have not tried this boxed wine I would say give it shot. Everyone's taste is different obviously, but we have tried boxed wines before and didn't care for them. Until this one. This was a good price too> :-)

I'll let you know how the Cabernet tastes...........


Cathy said...

I keep a box of wine in the house at all times for cooking. I have found that half the time the wine I want to drink with is not the wine I want to put in the dish (ie/drink red wine, cook with white in risottos). Best invention ever! And...if someone comes over that I know doesn't appreciate high end wine...they get served the boxed stuff while I may crack open a pricier bottle.

Velva said...

Congrats on the surprise wine gift! I can't say that I have enjoyed a box wine as yet_ I am still fixated on bottles and corks :-)

Wandering Coyote said...

What a nice boon!

Anonymous said...

Such a nice surprise gift! I'm looking forward to hearing about the cabernet.

Kim said...

I love wine, especially for cooking. The frustrating part is that we live in a dry county - no beer, no liquor, no wine....nowhere!! We have to drive to the county line and then there is only one little drive-thru liquor store. They never have anything. It really blows. When I hit up a real liquor store in the city they must think I'm a total boozer, cuz I buy all kinds of stuff :D

Pierce said...

Cathy - that's brilliant. I never thought of that. For cooking I sometimes use the little bottles that come in a four pack because some recipes call for a half cup or a whole one. Not enough to open a really nice bottle.

Velva - I wasn't impressed with the boxes until Black Box. But we love a good St Emmilion and that is definately not a boxed wine :D

WC - It's a cool magnet.

Thank you 5 Sta Foodie. I tried your bourbon pork tenderloin and have that coming up to post Monday. Please let me know what you think.

Kim - I am howling over your comment and I also have sympathy. We are very fortunate to live ina county where we can buy anything. Think of all the tax dollars your county doesn't get - you ought to mention that to city commissioners!

Shelly W said...

What a cool surprise! I've seen this wine before but have never tried it. I'm interested to see what you think of it.

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