Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Theme is "Small Plates" at I Heart Cooking Club

I Heart Cooking Club's theme is small plates. What I found funny about that is....does Nigella do anything small?! Seriously....the portions, HER, any of it from her show or her books. Anyway.........

I had my heart set on those little sausages which Nigella wraps with little sausages to be found. That's what I get for waiting until the last minute on New Years Eve! Dumb ass.....

What I made for little appies were the Cocktail sausages (like little smokies)from Nigella Express.

The recipe called for cocktail sausages, honey, sesame oil and soy sauce. I plopped the sausages in a bread pan and drizzled all of the above over them. OR SO I Thought....because when I grabbed a bottle of brown "soy" from the fridge...turned out to be Worcestershire sauce!

No matter - they were good. At least it wasn't a mistake that resulted in something we couldn't eat.

Served with hummus and small whole wheat pitas........

A nice starter before a big meal. It's been fun visiting your sites to see what you made for the small plates theme :-)


  1. Nuttin' like some good wienies!! Glad the worcestershire didn't lead to a debacle...makin' me crave finger food again :D

  2. Nice! I'm glad they were still edible!

  3. I'm not a huge fan of those little sausages, but my kids and hubby love them. The sauce on this might change my mind, though.

    Were they good enough to try again with soy?

  4. Appies are the only time to enjoy a little wienie! ;-)
    Looks great, good thing your grabbed the Worst. sauce and not cod liver oil or something..
    Great choice!

  5. Your 'mistake' was an excellent elcious finger licking good result i see-these sure do look yummy!!!

  6. Not a bad mistake to make in sauces. They look like they were yummy. ;-)

  7. It's super bowl Sunday with these... just triple the portions ;)

  8. I thought of making these too! Nothing like a big pot of wienies. After all, doesn't everyone love them ;D

  9. Rather useful piece

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  11. Thanks everyone...yeah, I'm lucky it was Worcestershire sauce and it really did turn out well.

    Janel, yes, I believe I would make these again and try the soy. Just not right away....

    I'm starting to get lots of spam and may need to add that word verification thingee...sigh....


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