Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas in Connecticut is the December Movie at Food n' Flix!

This movie is about a food columnist who fabricates a lovely life in which she is a fantastic cook, loving mother and owner of a country estate. This is a fairy tale that's about to be exposed. Elizabeth Lane is no kitchen professional and she isn't married nor does she have a baby or country estate. But her boss/editor doesn't know any of this.

Yardley, the boss, asks her to host a Christmas dinner for a returning war hero. As Elizabeth can not even boil an egg, she enlists the help of her friend Felix who actually is a whiz in the kitchen. He's hoping to open his own restaurant and agrees to assist Elizabeth in the charade, cooking all the goodies for Christmas dinner.

Romantic interest in Jefferson, the war hero, makes it complicated as....she is supposed to be married. Her friend John actually does have a country home and John is also in love with Elizabeth. She agrees to marry John if he'll pull off the deception she needs to keep her job and fool her boss (Yardley).

There is zero chemistry between Elizabeth and John.

Elizabeth Lane: John, when you're kissing me, don't talk about plumbing.
John Sloan: What? Oh, I'm sorry, what should I talk about?
Elizabeth Lane: Well, do you have to talk?

One of the food scenes was a Post-Marathon Christmas Food Fest - Late Night Snack, Chicken Drumsticks - Cold Chablis which Yardley tucked into.

I must say, Barabra Stanwyck was quite a babe back in the day.

Head over to Food n' Flix and see what else is being served. Happy Christmas!!

Thanks to Girlichef for hosting this month at her site!!


  1. Oh, I think the late-night snack may have been my favorite food scene. I can just imagine leftover chicken washed down with chablis. Yum!

  2. Merry Christmas Pierce with lots of love and joy!

  3. I LOVE this movie! Next best thing to White Christmas and Holiday Inn, lol...

    Thanks so much for sharing, Tina. I'm still trying to get this eye mended and I'm so glad you have comments on so I can wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas!!! "See" you next year, good Lord willing and the creek don't freeze:) Louise


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