Grilled Mahi....Summer seafood meal to chase away the winter blues......

Living in I Florida I may have things thrown at me for saying this but….c’mon Spring!!!! I am tired of the cold weather.

Hey…..We get cold weather too. I don’t live in tropical Miami…….I live a few miles from the Georgia line….. in the north part of Florida.

It is not as advertised for Florida vacations with pristine beaches, a few thin and tanned couples sauntering down the almost empty beaches. Blue waters. A lonely bamboo type bar set up to order a Mai Tai or Bahama Mama.

Monday we woke up to 28 F (-2 C) and frost on the field. AND a good breeze assaulting our tender faces. So yeah…I am so ready for Spring. Or a home in the Canary Islands for a few months would suit us as well.

Food cheers me up. Just about every time. My feeling is, preparing meals you usually reserve for warm weather can boost your mood when the winter blues have you by the….um……when it has you sad.

Grilled fish with fried okra and fresh tomatoes are just the ticket.

Doug starts the coals for the charcoal grill, cooks the fish to a beautifully bronzed and cross-hatched vision.......I fry okra and slice tomatoes. Maybe a Jimmy Buffet CD playing in the background. Why not.

Simple meal, fairly light eating (despite the fried okra) makes for a relaxing evening.

What is your go-to happy meal? I can think of others..... but that grilled fish is blissfully delicious.


Kim said...

My go to meal is probably some sort of pasta (kudos to you for being so healthy). I've never had fried okra before. Would love to try it!

Le laquet said...

Your man's a professional griller - would you look at that fish! Looks absolutely delicious. My go to happy meal would be prawns - big tiger ones with garlicky butter (not oozing, just anointing), maybe a side of scallops (Doug could cook them on the grill) and big, beautiful heirloom tomatoes with griddled aubergines and courgettes. And sunshine ... I think that's a recurring theme here. We have snow forecast for Sunday :o/

Rita said...

I have never tasted mahi mahi; but you make it look very tenpting. Our BBQ is still buried in the snow and you are right Spring can;t come soon enough for me.

Pierce said...

Kim, we LOVE pasta! live in the south and never had fried okra. Wish I could have dished you some. You'd love it.

Jo, I will pass on your compliment to the grill master, he'll be pleased. That is where he cooks, the stove is usually my territory. I like the sound of your meal, making me hungry for prawns and aubergines. Yum!

Rita, I hate to hear about that snow. Brrrrr.......Mahi is also called dolphin but it's not like the porpoise people think of. So they call it Mahi.

Eliotseats said...

I am ready for some patio sitting with some Jimmy Buffet playing too!

Pierce said...

C'mon Eliot....I'll save you a seat :-)

Velva said...

Working outside today...I could not imagine better weather. Your meal looks really good.

Hey, when we meet-up. I am going to bring you fresh lettuce.


Sue/the view from great island said...

That's the perfect meal to eat while dreaming of spring! I never see okra in our markets up here, it's a shame, I'd love to experiment with it.

Pierce said...

Thanks Velva! I look forward to it!

Sue, I wish I could send you some. Good stuff. Thanks for visiting.

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