Poseys on the Water

So…..unbeknownst to me (until last month) there is a second Posey’s Oyster Bar and Restaurant….and it’s on the water. About 2 months ago I posted on the new Poseys and history of the original building (now demolished) at the St Marks location. Since that time we discovered there is another one…and being right on the water makes it a lovely place to enjoy some seafood and relax.

Blue sky, calm waters of the Gulf lapping at the dock in the marina and loads of boats. Some folks sailed in, docked the boat and walked up to the restaurant.

The menu had many tempting dishes, salads and sandwiches. We both ordered the same – grilled grouper

I always have the best company on our adventures to find BBQ, seafood or just poke around country roads

I have some updates about books, the grandbaby and a Corsican rabbit meal.....coming up soon :-)


~~louise~~ said...

Oh Tina,

If you only knew how much I'm missing the ocean this year. I'm seriously thinking I may have under estimated how much I LOVE it. PA is nice but the ocean situation, stinks!

Can't wait to hear the grand baby news:)

Thanks for sharing...

Tina said...

Thanks Louise! I loved going to the shore when I was a kid, growing up in Pennsylvania. We went every summer to Ocean City or Atlantic city.

Hopefully you can make a trip to see the ocean soon :-)

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