Birthday fun

Birthdays. Dreaded by some, joyously anticipated by others and then there are those who don’t care one way or another.

Me? I never dread it. I celebrate every year and am happy to be around. But it’s usually low key and I like staying at home. It’s fun to go out for appetizers - but having a meal on the patio and knowing you can ( if you’d like) indulge in an extra glass of wine or whatever you are imbibing without the worry of the drive home; well that’s total relaxation there!

While I am blathering on about birthdays it would seem important to point out that I did not celebrate one recently. Mine was in June. But we did celebrate Doug’s birthday recently. He is also laid back about it and decided he would also like a meal at home.

Birthday weekend consisted of doing things he enjoyed such as range time, seafood at Panacea and the aforementioned meal.

The starter: thinly sliced rare tuna and garlic shrimp for appetizers served with a Vermouth cocktail. I always put a cherry in mine, even though it’s not called for. Love those tiny cherries.

Crab Cakes using a knock off recipe from the Cheesecake Factory. Served with homemade remoulade sauce and a good Spanish Albariño.

We wanted to eat outside but about a half hour before dinner would be ready, a wicked storm blew in with tropical tendencies. It was wild. The wind just picked up and was blowing placemats off the table, knocking things over and showering the front yard with loose branches. We had water standing around the porch within minutes.

Eating inside didn’t hamper the mood at all. Kobe donned his Thundershirt and we had a perfectly good time sitting inside.

Damn...I need to vacuum the den!

The day before we had gone shooting and enjoyed seafood at Panacea.

And shooting at Wakulla range.....

Overall, a great birthday weekend! I always enjoy our time out together, no matter what we do.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Le laquet said...

Craaaaaaaaab cakes!!!
Birthdaaaaaaaay :o)

All is good x

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