Wednesday, October 02, 2013

A Good Year for Food 'n Flix

Would you like to watch a movie and read a book with me? It’s my turn to host at Food ‘n Flix and I selected A Good Year for this month’s film.

For me, the appeal of this movie is wine, French food, Russell Crowe and a fantasy come true. I think there are many of us who have had, at one time or another, dreams of being an ex-pat. The country is whichever one you read about passionately, mentally planning vacations and well…we all have different aspirations but you get the idea.

Being a fan of Peter Mayle’s book, A Good Year, I was excited when this film came out. If you have read the book and not seen the movie, a warning doesn't follow the book. At all. Ok, there is a character named Max Skinner and he does go to France.

Here’s the gist of the story line..........

After years of no contact with his Uncle Henry, London investment banker Max Skinner learns he’s inherited his uncle's chateau and vineyard in Provence.

Max spent summers of his childhood at the chateau, learning to play chess and listening to his Uncle’s stories and advice. He goes to France with the sole intent of selling the property. But after some time spent preparing the chateau, getting it ready to show………he realizes this laid-back lifestyle, the food and people have a great appeal. Now his childhood memories, the beautiful woman Fanny, and an American claiming to be Uncle Henry's illegitimate daughter make him evaluate his future.

Aaron Eckhart originally had a role in this film, but dropped out. Personally, I think Crowe is a better fit for the character of Max Skinner.

Some quotes I like:

Max Skinner: Look, I wasn't joking about what I said before about the wine they make here. It is not - I repeat, NOT - first class. Will that affect our price?

Charlie Willis: Well, how bad can it be?

Max Skinner: Uh, well, it gives you a blinding headache and it makes you angry... I can't imagine the damage a second sip might do.

Charlie Willis: Well, we'll just have to make sure our buyers don't know anything about wine. We'll concentrate on the Americans.

Christie Roberts: Are your memories of my father good?

Max Skinner: No they are extraordinary. My uncle loved women, although no one for a long time, and he never married. He loved England, yet lived in France. He was an adventurer, yet all my memories take place within 100 steps of this spot.

Ready to watch this movie? - How to participate in Food 'n Flix

1. Watch the chosen film A Good Year. It's most likely available at your local library if you care to check it out. After watching the film think about what you'd like to prepare. What dish are you inspired cook, bake or prepare after seeing some gorgeous French countryside and watching a few foodie scenes?

2. Post about it on your web site with a link back to THIS post and a link to Food 'n Flix. Use of the Food ‘n Flix logo is optional.

3. You must post must be current (done during October 2013). And of course we don't mind if your post is linked to other events. The more the merrier!

Email your entries to me at: hexandkobe (at) yahoo (dot) com and include:

Your name
Your blog's name and URL
The name of your dish and the permalink to the specific post you're submitting
Attach a photo of any size, though 500 to 620 pixels is ideal (or just give me permission to “grab” one from your post)
Indicate “Food 'n Flix Submission” in the subject line
Deadline for submission is: October 31, 2013.

When I am ready to post the inspired dish I will also link up to my book site Novel Meals with a book review of A Good Year. But that's just don't have to read the book, just get the movie and play along for Food 'n Flix. Let Russell Crowe take you to France for an adventure :-)



  1. Yay - so excited to watch this again. Thanks so much for hosting this month, Tina...can't wait to see what everybody comes up with :).

  2. Very much looking forward to this film. I read a lot of Peter Mayle years ago, not sure if I did read this one, but loved them all. I f I did read it it's a good thing I forgot if the movie is different lol.

  3. Thanks, Heather, I am looking forward to it as well.

    CEE , I am glad you'll be joining in!

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  6. I probably don't need to ask, but did you like the book better than the movie? Usually that's the case. I might have to find the book and read it.

  7. Debbie, yes I did like the book better. That is usually the case - true that!

  8. It has been a while since I have seen this but anything about Russell Crowe and a French vineyard inheritance and I will watch again and again. :) Good pick!

  9. Watched it and decided on what I'm going to cook. Hooray.

  10. Thanks Debra, I agree!

    That is great, Camilla. I look forward to your dish.

  11. So disappointed by the film. Loved the book - I think about you joining us in Carlucet for the fete when I read this book #nods

  12. The dish was amazing! I just sent it to you. Totally worth the three day wait. Thanks for picking the movie.

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