Meal Planning #7
{Picadilla, Wings & Honey Roasted Chicken}

Last week was so cold! I know I won’t get sympathy from you folks in South Dakota or Oklahoma or Toronto but damn….I’m in Florida!! When I was growing up in Pennsylvania the change of seasons meant four distinct types of weather.


Here it’s unbelievably hot 80% percent of the time and then BAM – it’s freezing. If we are lucky we get a week of open window weather. Now don’t get me wrong, I love when I can wear boots, sweaters and sit by a bonfire. The problem is, they aren’t giving us much heat at work. Yes, I work indoors – I am a government drone and I work inside a building. In an office. My office temperature is 64 F / 17 C and I can tell you – when you sit at a desk for a good portion of the day the chill sets in hard. Right, enough complaining.

Here is a week of meals.

Sunday: Grilled Wings with roasted sweet potato, turnips and parsnips.


Roasted vegetables

Monday: Picadilla, maduras, rice and black beans, Cuban bread and Key lime pie


Tuesday: Leftover picadilla meal

Wednesday: Roasted honeyed chicken thighs, carrots and green beans


Thursday: Leftover chicken for dinner

Friday: Split pea soup, Bratwurst with potatoes, red peppers, garlic, celery, onions and mushrooms

FullSizeRender (1)

Saturday: Lunch at Wing Stop and leftover brats for dinner

(Yucky blurry photo)

Next week I have a few good meals planned that I haven't made in a long while. Go-to meals in the past that I am reviving.

Hope your week was great!



Mae Travels said...

Did you really have chicken 4 times in one week? I love chicken, so I'm impressed!

best... mae at

Vicki said...

Your food looks good!

It's cold where I'm at in Florida too, high of 54° today. It's windy too, and the wind is what gets me.

Tina said...

Yes, Mae, I break it up with beef or pasta but we love chicken, it's so versatile!

Vicki, we have had it easy for a while, temperature wise, so I am not loving this biting wind and cold temps!

~~louise~~ said...

Hi Tina!
Well, as you know I'm in PA:) We were more than lucky this last snowstorm. Central PA must have been on that line they kept talking about because we got less than 2 inches of snow. The sun is shining today and it is melting!!!

I keep the house pretty cool but 64 degrees is way to cold especially when you are sitting in an office. Marion would have my head if I kept it that cool, lol..

Your meals all sound good. We've been eating a lot of chicken around here too. Not only is it versatile, but it is also more price friendly:) I sure wish we could barbecue though!!!

Thanks for sharing, Tina...enjoy your "warmer" weather:)

Le laquet said...

Apparently NY's weather is coming this way #shudder
I feel soups coming on!

Tina said...

Louise, you are cortunTe to have only gotten 2 inches of snow with that awful storm. It's been so many years since I had to mess about with snow, I don't miss it. Thanks, about the meals, chicken is very versatile and we clearly love it!

Laquet, soup is always good but better as a quick warmer. I'm sorry you are about to get that nasty storm!

Le laquet said...

But it's only going to dump rain #phew
Sweet potato and bacon soup here yesterday - didn't need much, just a handful of lardons, onions, potato, garlic and stock. Delicious!

Tina said...

Mrs. L, do you cook the sweet potato first or chop in small chunks? I like the sound of that soup.

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