Grilling, Baking, Riding and Visiting!

What a lovely Christmas. Our son and daughter-in-law visited, 10 days of leave from the Army life and I hope we fed him as much home cooked chow as he wanted. Doug grilled lamb chops (with rosemary, garlic and olive oil) one evening. Another evening we had a gumbo with lots of sausage and shrimp, topped with breaded okra. For Christmas dinner Doug slowly roasted a standing rib roast over charcoal with woody chunks of pecan. Heavenly.

Two nights later he heated it over a charcoal fire for another dinner.

We did our annual Christmas Eve ride (for BBQ this time) and put 275 miles on the Road King, taking almost 5 hours. It was meant to be a warm day with temps about 72 F (22 C) but never warmed beyond 52 F (11 C) and let me tell you. We froze. Froze! Thankfully we had on riding pants and that buffered the wind some but our hands and feet we as ice blocks. We did finally arrive at Phil's BBQ (in Eufala Alabama) and ate a drool worthy chopped pork sandwich and saucy baked beans. Then we rode to a Dollar Store and bought hoodies so we could get warm. It's a long ride when you are freezing and the hoodies did the trick.

BYOB (Bake Your Own Bread): I sent my last submission in to Cathy and she will do the roundup before passing the bread basket to Heather. Only three entries (from me) for December.

Soda Bread
Sage and Onion Bread
Hamburger Buns

Doug bought me a beautiful French pan for Christmas....behold!

In January there ought to many long loaves which will have a variety of herbs and cheeses as I experiment.

It was great seeing family and we had a wonderfully long stretch of time off.

As you can see my comment field is back again. I would either forget to turn the comment option off or I wanted them on particular posts so.......there you have it! (me dancing around with a L on my forehead...but you experiment with a notion and then adapt). Popular opinion was in favor of having the comment field.

That's it for to the kitchen!


Heather @ said...

L on my forehead..ha ha ha. I am so jealous of your bread pan- love it! And I'm thinking it's worth a long, cold ride for the best butts in Alabama, aye? ;P Glad to hear you had a nice holiday with the fam. Happy New Year to you, my friend!

p.s....Yay Comments!

Le laquet said...

Oooh - bread pans! Very cool ... I love the presents cooks get - Simon bought me a new lemon reamer/juicer and a set of amuse bouche cup/plate/spoons in chilli red LOVE 'EM!

Rita said...

Love that bread pan! Sounds like you had a good time. My kids are here; it is-20' VERY cold and we had 6 inches of snow on Chrstmas eve. If your car is outside and not in the garage you better make sure you plug it our else it won't taste this morning.

Rita said...

I meant START in the AM

Joanne said...

yay! I'm so glad the comments are back! I missed being able to tell you how yummy everythign looks!

I am totally coveting that bread pan, by the way! And I'm so glad you guys had an awesome Christmas!

~~louise~~ said...

If I were a bread baking sort of girl, I just know I would appreciate that pan more than I do right now. Way cool, keep that man!!! Great time with the kids. My son visited for Christmas too. Wonderful! We were suppose to have ribs too but, Marion & I were so full from brunch that we just nibbled on leftovers and had the ribs the next day. Love the thought of grilling them, oooh, la, la. I feel for your frozen tushie, Tina. Been there...

Can you tell I'm delighted comments are back. So much to catch up with. Well, better dash. Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year to You and Yours! 2012 is going to be YUMMY!!!

Pierce said...

Happy New year to all!!

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