Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Books, Exercise and Music

Last week I saw this story on CNN: Stranded Dave Matthews hitches ride with fan to show

Can you imagine? Even if you aren't a fan of DMB (and I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t be), just visualize yourself hustling off to a concert, anticipating seeing your favorite artist perform and lo and behold, you see them on the roadside….needing assistance.

Even though I know I would be absolutely gobsmacked if we picked up Sting, David Gilmore or Diana Krall… would be amazing. Hell, it would be amazing if we could get tickets to go see Dave Matthews, Sting or Gilmore.

We were fortunate enough to see Diana Krall in concert last year. She is a wonderful performer. Has the same sultry voice and talent as you hear when you pop in a CD. Sometimes an artist isn’t as good in person – but she sure was. Another musician we would like to see is Chick Corea. He’s about 72 now and I hope we can see him before he stops performing. He dropped in as a guest during that Diana Krall concert – what a treat!

Exercise. Not a fan. Actually, I like walking quite a bit. As it’s a low impact form of exercise, it’s been successfully maneuvered into our morning routine. It’s something that can be done every day; you don’t have to break from using a muscle group as you do with weights. Tried jumping jacks and after a bit I started getting shin splints so, that aerobic activity ended.

We are on week two of walking every single day. Each morning we get up at 5:45, have a coffee, eat some breakfast then walk one or both dogs. (The female doesn't walk if it’s over 74 F….she hides. Successfully hides, or is passively resistant by becoming boneless)

After that we walk for ½ hour at a very brisk pace. Being a government drone who sits and spends inordinate periods of time stuck inside an office, the morning walking has had a rejuvenating benefit. I am not as weary and have noticed a bit of weight loss as well. Win-win.

It’s been raining here every day for the past several weeks. Maddening. Luckily we haven’t been caught in it when we walk early.

Books: I have many on the list but at present am 3/4 finished with Feast For Crows by George Martin. It's very good, not as good as the previous 3 in the series but still a great read. Next after will be Sarum by Edward Rutherfurd. I have enjoyed every book I've read penned by Rutherfurd. This is another epic book - a big fat volume which I am pleased to have on Kindle.

Recently reviewed at Novel Meals is Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin.

So, that's about it for now. Not very exciting here at Squirrel Head Manor as of late. Enjoying some jazz and big band music from the 40s whilst tipping a cocktail now and again.

What are you reading, drinking, cooking, etc these days?


Velva said...

When I read the article about the fan picking up DM I was like "Holy Cow" I immediately too my husband and son. No, I could not imagine how freaking cool that would be- You would have a better chance at winning lottery.

Drinking wine, reading "Bees for Dummies" and trying to walk too (smile).

The rain has been insane. This weather pattern is whacky.

Hope all is well.

Le laquet said...

I was lucky enough to have been gifted a collection of rosé wines by my boss this week to celebrate summer so last night I was drinking Provençal rosé and eating herby chicken.

My new kindle arrived yesterday (exciting) so I am not actually reading yet but instead transferring books for my holiday!

Debra Eliotseats said...

I heard that about DM. I would freak out. We have a venue in town that is super quaint. We have got to not only enjoy some great singers (like Pete Mulvey and Pokey LaFarge who is just about to make it HUGE), we get to meet them and chat too. I get star struck even then.

Tina said...

Velva, are you going to start bee keeping? Getting in on your brother's business. We are also enjoying some wine these evenings ;-)

Mrs L, wow! What a boss! That is a very nice gift. Funny, we ate herby chicken last night too. Roasted. Email forthcoming.

Debra, that sounds very cool. We haven't been to a live performance in a long time.

Amy said...

I love early morning walks as well.....before it gets too hot. How funny your girly dog refuse to walk when it gets too hot. So smart! ;)

Tina said...

You know, Amy, I think she is smarter avoiding the heat!

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