Wine Wednesday - 3 Wishes Cabernet

Three Wishes Cabernet Sauvignon is a California wine sold at Whole Foods. It’s a crazy low price of $3 a bottle. Recently, I wrote about another bargain wine called Charles Shaw (aka 3 Buck Chuck) which is sold at Trader Joe’s store. There isn’t a comparison in these two for me, even though they are similarly priced.

No, for $3 you won’t be inhaling the lovely aroma of a Châteauneuf-du-Pape. This barely drinkable Cabernet will do in a pinch (pinch meaning DIRE circumstances) if you are rock bottom on selection and money. We have had several bottles of it just to ascertain if this was in fact a drinkable wine. We paired off with a variety of meals: roasted chicken, minced lamb, brisket and pizza just to name a few items.

12.5% alcohol with a fruity aroma. Forget long legs on this one. It’s not a bum wine…well, maybe…..but it didn’t get dumped down the drain like a few wines have in the past.

Comparing the lower end wines, I would opt for this label over the Charles Shaw. But for a few dollars more, grab yourself a bottle of Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais :-) We are done with this label but in fairness gave it a good shot and evaluation.

Recommendation for the future is....pass on this one.


Le laquet said...

Si loves a Cab Sauv - he's on his way! ;o)

Tina said...

We happen to have a couple bottles of this left. But I am going to cook with it. If Simon loves Cabs (we do too!) then we will serve a better one like a Montes or better. Yummy cabernet.....can't go wrong!

Le laquet said...

I figured that it would be good for a daube or a coq-au-vin but even then might need beefing up.

Le laquet said...
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