Wine Wednesday - Mont Gravet from Cotes de Gascogne

This 2012 Mont Gravet from Cotes de Gascogne was young to be up so late on our patio. We didn't cork this crisp refreshing bottle as the temperature was perfect, the birds were warbling and we were enjoying a light seafood dinner. Excellent pairing with shrimp, fruit salad and avocado with bacon and tomato dressing.

This is a "porch wine" meant to be opened and shared over good food and excellent company. Do not plan on corking it; you honestly won't want to it's that refreshing.

See you next Wednesday with a Kermit Lynch Vouvray. You just can't go wrong with Kermit Lynch. {Clinking glasses}


Velva said...

I love the term "porch wine" Love, love it.

Have a great weekend.


Debra Eliotseats said...

We use the term "porch sittin' wine.." I have got to stock up!!!!!!

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