Saturday, July 01, 2017

June went by fast

June is a month of celebrations such as my birthday, our anniversary (#33) and father's day.  It's also a month we like to see the back of because we've had 3 beloved pets die in June, years past of course.

If Aja is looking healthy all through June we breathe a sigh of relief.

Aja w mirror 

For the record, our old girl is still in fine health with only the occasion issues of stiff joints and a belly ache here and there. {big sigh}

So what else is new from steamy north Florida?

Both Doug and I read Cork Dork by Bianca Bosker last month.  What a page turner, if you like wine and non-fiction.  My review and pretty photos may be found Here.  This is a book we will buy in spite of having read it.  I had checked it out of the library but I think it will be revisited.

I am currently finishing up The Daughters of Ireland by Santa Montefiore.  It's the second book in the trilogy and quite enjoyable.

We have enjoyed some older movies as well as the new release John Wick 2.  We've watched In Time, Jurassic World, Tomb Raider and The Mummy.  I am looking forward to the newest remake of the Mummy with Russell Crowe.  It didn't get high marks but I love action movies.

In the Kitchen
We have had some good meals and wines lately. Lots of seafood and fresh veggies.
I also made a big pot of soup recently.
It doesn't matter that it's hot and humid, a good vegetable soup is a welcome lunch. Pair that with homemade bread and yogurt and I'm happy.

  veg soup

 This doesn't require a recipe so much as a suggestion. You toss in whatever you like or stray vegetables in your fridge that aren't enough for a side dish. This time I used onions, garlic, green beans, red potatoes, corn, carrots, tomatoes and a a couple of mushrooms.  I used an equal part water and vegetable broth to cover the vegetables while they cooked on a low simmer.  Salt and pepper, garlic powder, oregano and basil were tossed in as well.

I hope June was a good month for you.  I am plowing into July with plans for reading, a little cleaning and trying new wines :-)  What's on your agenda for July?

Linking up to Deb at Kahakai Kitchen for her Souper Sunday Series.



Vicki said...

Aja is a beauty! I'll check out The Daughters of Ireland. I love old movies too. I love soup and eat it year round too!

Tina said...

Thank you, Vicki. We certainly dote on her. If you are going to read that series about Ireland start with The Girl in the Castle. It's a good series, only three books and the last one isn't out yet.

Deb in Hawaii said...

June did just fly by didn't it?! Glad you are all doing OK.

Your soup looks tasty--sometimes a simple veggie soup just hits the spot. Thank for sharing it with Souper Sundays this week. ;-)

Katherine P said...

I owe you an email but the last few days have been crazy. Cork Dork and The Daughters of Ireland are on my TBR. I haven't watched Jurassic World yet but I want to. I love The Mummy and Tomb Raider. Give me an action movie and I'm a happy person! I'm really curious about the new version of The Mummy too. Brendan Frasier is so perfect in the role it's hard to imagine anyone else. Glad to hear Aja is doing well and I love the picture. She looks so intent on her reflection! Happy 4th!

Tina said...

Thanks, Deb. We are doing well and I hope you are staying cool in Hawaii.

Katherine, no worries as I know you are super busy with your son out of school for summer...and camping! I am jealous. We'll talk soon 😊

Debra Eliotseats said...

I cannot believe June is over either. Only four more weeks until school starts and everything starts being busy and stressful again. :(

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