Trying Rieslings.........sweet, dry and in between

This is a wine journey post.  Our latest passion has been focused on Riesling.  We are discovering the dry Rieslings are more to our taste and don't care for the sweet, or semi sweets at all.  Just personal preference.

2015 Biltmore Riesling:  Alcohol 12.5 %,   appellation is American.  Midway between sweet and dry on the scale.  It's way too sweet for us. It was paired up with grill pan salmon, peas and potato cakes. It was drinkable, not a "drain wine" and we finished it but wouldn't buy again.

salmon potato cakes

2016 Chateau St Michelle:  Alcohol 12 %,  Appellation American, Columbia Valley Washington. We had this with Chinese.  Not too spicy a Chinese dinner but this Riesling went well.  This  This will be purchased again.  Not expensive at all.

Chateau St Michelle

2015 Dr Loosen Riesling Dry. This was a big splurge, just to see if a higher end Riesling was remarkably better than a $10 - $20 bottle.  This one was $40 and we had it with Sea Bass, Cuban Style.  We liked it....but not quite enough to drop $40 on a regular basis.  It did pair very well with the fish.


Lastly here is another 2015 Dr. Loosen Riesling.  Dry, pear colored, flinty and high acidity.  I did not like it at all.  I am thinking our Riesling journey is coming to an end.  Not saying we won't try one in the future but it's not on the top of the shopping list.

DrLoosen  Turns out we don't like the sweet or semi-sweet Rieslings at all.  The Chateau St Michelle would be my pick with Chinese take-away if we try it again.  But overall, I'm thinking we are more Sangiovese or Chardonnay folks.

Anything is worth trying so....there is that little experiment.  If you are a wine sipper which varietals are your favorites?

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