Squirrel Head Manor

So, I came to realize that while I fully intended my Pierce blog to be genealogical research only...it ended up with personal material. However, the blog did accomplish just what I needed it to do...to keep me organized and get the Pierce information documented.

Anyway, this will be more of a journal for me to vent or purr about life in the slow lane at Squirrel Head Manor and what's up with the Culbertsons. Where I can natter on about being an amateur gourmand, a home cook and voracious reader. My dreams and passions....Doug and Tristan, owning a home in Ireland or England, my obsession with kitchen gadgets and appliances, recipes, books, cookbooks, wines, cheeses, beers, ales and avenues of food exploration. My family and Aja, Kobe and Hextall.

Upcoming goals will be trying to make pastry dough and I am still getting the Pierce info organized for a hard copy printing.

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