Lamb, Guild Wars and basal cell

Last night we ate late - about 8:30 p.m. which is late even for us. We got carried away looking at an online catalog for helmets, gloves, armor, etc. By the time Doug started the grill it was almost 8:00. But, here is our excellent dinner. Grilled lamb shoulder (I know Mary Margaret would be saying yuck), crescent rolls, peas and potatoes. It was a good meal even if we finished at 9:00 p.m.

Unfortunately we missed NCIS, one of my favorite shows. I was able to play Guild Wars for a bit and used a character I haven't played with in two months. Granuile Dunamase. What a cool name for a character. It's a combo of an Irish pirate queen (read about her on google) and one of our favorite places in Ireland - the Rock of Dunamase.

Granuaile sites:

Rotten news today. I had four of my stitches out on Tuesday and the other eight are scheduled out on Monday. The doctor called me today to say the cancer was deeper than they dug out. Soooo...this means another surgery. I don't know when they'll call to schedule it but it will be a MOHS procedure.

That sounds promising, right? I think that I've had time to stew. First I was a bit down about it all. Especially since my nose was healing and I thought it was behind me. But, I'll have to go through that needle in the nose and the cutting again. Oh well...what can I least it was caught early.

Other than that, all is well here at Squirrel Head Manor.


Le laquet said...

Ah NCIS, ah Gibbs, ah! *sighs dreamily*

Pierce said...

Jo, I agree! Most people think Dinozzo is the sexy one....we know better!

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