Grilled Lamb, Roasted Potatoes and Vacation Plans

Oh wow - this post 101. Number 100 felt so much different. haha.

Couple of things. I heard about a movie coming out based on a book entitled Julie and Julia by Julie Powell. I like Julia Child quite a bit and that book was a good read. So, I am looking forward to seeing this one in the theaters. Here is some info about the movie here.

Next, I will be off on vacation until April 24 or 25 or maybe 26. Depends when we meander home. Doug and I will be riding to Mississippi to visit family. Then off to ride the Natchez Trace. How cool is that? We hoped to have a bigger motorcycle by the time the trip time arrived but....eyes and desires are generally bigger than the budget. Still......a trip like this on a Sportster will be a blast. I will be taking lots of pictures. So, don't forget me guys! I'll be back.

Unless I fall asleep and pull us both over on the highway. I seriously do fall asleep riding sometimes. Mostly after lunch when I have a full tummy and it's warm...and the bike is rumbling along. My head snaps forward and I crack helmets with Doug's and it's a bit funny. In a scary way.

OK, food. You'll think we are fanatically mad about lamb because we seem to have it alot. But it was on sale. This particular grilled bit of lamb shoulder was melt in your mouth tender. Yum mmmmm.

Paired with roasted baking potato and sweet potato, which had been drizzled with pure maple syrup, and this was a colorful meal.

Plated up........

While you surf check out Van's Lumpia Shanghai, which looks awesome.

Check out Laquet's fun trip in France here, I'm jealous!

Donna's My Tasty Treasures is so wrong it's fun and you'll get a fabulous sloppy joe recipe too. Can't wait to make this one.

ReTorte has a good post on Fingerling Potatoes. Something I don't see in the markets here very often but would love to try.

And do you like oysters? Oh em! Check Joie de Vivre's fabulous tips on having oysters, fresh, without shucking. Very cool idea.

Here is a great birthday menu at A World in a Pan. I open it and just look at it all and drool. And, from this same site, this video of a Paris balcony scene, all frosty. I'd love to see the same view but with Spring flowers.

Gotta go pack. See you in 7 or 9 days!


Wandering Coyote said...

Gee, when you said "west" in your last post, I was thinking wester than Miss. - but it's all relative, eh?

I've never liked lamb! My mom LOVES it, but because no one in the family could tolerate the smell of it cooking, she never had it except at a restaurant. I just find the meat too smelly and strong. And lambs are so cute!

Le laquet said...

Lamb - give me lots of lamb, rare grilled lamb, cooked for hours falling off the bone lamb, cooked for hours and saucy sheperd's pie lamb - just give me lamb dammit!
Hope you and doug have a fantastic trip - I am (as you know) looking forward to the photos ;o)


Donna-FFW said...

Have a blast for me.. we'll be waiting and here when you return:)

A World in a PAN said...

Next time I make lamb and potatoes, I'll make sure to aff vacation plans!!!! Yours sound great!

A World in a PAN said...

Oh, and thank you for your kind words about my birthday menu.

Tangled Noodle said...

We love lamb, too! Now you've made me hungry for some . . . ! Have a great (and safe) trip!

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