Muscle Ache, Paprika Chicken, Diana Krall, Barenaked Ladies

Saturday I injured my back and then I couldn't post. Because it just hurt to sit at the computer. I wish I had a cool story for how I hurt my back - like I fell sliding into second base or ran 5 miles and am in really great shape except for when I torqued the back....but I am not, clearly, in good shape and was an incredible baby about it all.

So I took a Celebrex and thought, since it was such nice weather after the horrible storms, that a motorcycle ride would improve my back. You know...jog everything back in to place. I didn't know we'd ride 100 miles and that, I suppose, did not help. But I had a banana split for lunch and that was totally worth it. Don't you love it when all the gooey parts of the strawberry, pineapple and chocolate meld together. What a treat for the taste buds.

Anyway, I feel much better now. Thank you Celebrex, Tylenol and Cotes du Ventoux. And some stretching exercise which may or may not have assisted in speedy recovery.

I had a chicken out thawing, one of the sale birds at 79 cents per pound. So I used one of my favorite recipes borrowed from ReTorte and made Paprika Chicken and another of my favs - fried polenta. Easy food for a crabby woman.

This has become a favorite and is always in the rotation of meals. Love it like I love Nigella. And Cotes du Ventoux........Mmmmmm....mmmmmmmmm

It didn't rain this weekend! Our septic tank still has it's issues but it's getting better as the field dries out and the water soaks in. We ran errands and picked up some good coffee (we grind the beans) and bought the new Diana Krall CD. Burned it to iTunes and listened today at work.

Also, I know many of you may know how to embed a video but I just learned so.....

Here is Barenaked Ladies doing the theme for the TV show, Big Bang Theory. Just click the little arrow in the middle and please let me know if it doesn't work.

Told you this would be random.

Now tonight, I'm making some bread dough and then watching Big Band Theory.


Wandering Coyote said...

I'm sorry you hurt your back - that totally sucks.

And...I made that pasta w/mushrooms & thyme etc. from the Nigella book last night. I'll have left overs for a while. I should have a post up tomorrow about it. It was OK.

I'm glad you're getting lots of mileage out of that chicken recipe - it IS good, isn't it?

Joie de vivre said...

I'm glad you're feeling better.

Le laquet said...

Ouch - I hate having a bad back! You need a massage or maybe a holiday ;o) I am usually a baby about pain - I turned over the wrong way in bed on Sunday night - before you ask totally sober - and slithered out onto the floor and my hand the floor first!! Ouch swollen, can't open the milk container for coffee this morning! Need coffee to swill down the brufen :o( Being a HUGE baby about it as you can tell!

So, the questions are posted over at That's My Answer. I post questions Thursday to Sunday. Indigo (site owner) covers the other days BUT guest posters are always welcome!

Good luck with the beef and Yorkshire puddings - we so want photos! Faggots explained for you too.

Le laquet said...

p.s. What a huge comment that was - should have turned it into a post! Also, love the Barenaked Ladies - brill live!

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