Hextall Update and Scallops with Risotto

He's baaack!

Hextall returned on Monday morning. I can not describe the worry and feeling of impending grief that I experienced. Having been gone for 5 days I was fearing the worst. The most likely scenario here is that bobcats or dogs treed him for several days. Perhaps chasing him far from home and it just took him awhile to get back. He clearly lost weight and you can feel his ribs.

When he got in the house the dogs swarmed him, sniffing him up and down. Hextall was ravenous and ate quickly, downed some water and is most likely sound asleep on our bed as I write. Poor old man. This is the longest period he had ever been missing in the 15 years he's lived with us.

Now, on to food:
Sunday night's dinner was sautéed scallops. We’ve been having them a bit more as it seems so suited to the warm Spring weather. Also, a quick meal like scallops is just the thing when the clock is approaching 7:30.

Instead of angel hair pasta as the side (which we like very much) we tried this wild rice risotto mix. Very creamy and flavorful with a slight pine scent. The rice was arborio which accounts for the creamy texture.

A pat of butter, a bit of white wine and parsley.

On the table in under 20 minutes. This photo does not do it justice.

Saturday we had a family get-together to celebrate my SIL Rhea's graduation from Florida State University. A Masters degree....congrats to Rhea...photos coming up.


Wandering Coyote said...

I am sooooooo glad Hextall is back!! I was wondering all weekend if he'd returned. Excellent!

Donna-FFW said...

Glad Hextall is ok and back where he belongs.. your scallops sound delicious.

Le laquet said...

Good news!!

Pierce said...

Thanks you guys for the good wishes about Hextall. I was so worried. He's a family member.

I need to start back on Nigella's book and really hit it. We did make her pancakes the other day - pretty good.

Wandering Coyote said...

Her pancakes are da bomb! I keep that mix on hand all the time and it's the best!

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