Quesadillas Revisited

A few months back I made these tasty chicken quesadillas from a recipe I borrowed at ReTorte. They were a big hit but when I made them, I had forgotten to snap some photos of the end result. I remembered this time ;-)

You'll need:

Chopped mushrooms

Sliced and diced onions

1 clove minced garlic

Sliced red bell peppers

Vegetable oil

Shredded roasted chicken - about ¾ cup

Loads of mozzarella cheese

Large tortillas

Sour cream

Slice up your ingredients............

I sautéed the vegetables until they were tender. Added roughly half a package of taco seasoning mix and two teaspoons vegetable oil. Mix it up.

Add shredded chicken and mix some more.

Heat frying pan (I used a non stick pan) and I place done large tortilla in the pan. Topped it with a bit of veggie and chicken mixture. Added probably too much mozzarella cheese and placed another large tortilla on top.

As it warmed and browned, I kept checking the bottom with a non stick spatula. When I was ready to flip the tortilla I placed a small dessert or bread plate on top and carefully maneuvered the overflowing tortilla onto plate. Now carefully flip it in the pan so the other side can be browned.

Afterwards it occurred to me I could have just folded a tortilla over instead of making that huge one. No danger of the filling coming out that way. Duh….

Remove from pan, slide it on to a cutting board and slice so you have six pieces.

Here it is again..............

Coupled with a cold Sprite and some cold roasted rotisserie chicken pieces – you have a great meal.

Even after that filling meal, my sweet tooth cried out for attention around 9:30.
For dessert we split a Fat Boy ice cream sandwich.

They really are too big and so Doug and I have taken to splitting one. If you are on Weight Watchers, the entire bar is 5 points.


Le laquet said...

Hot melted cheese, crispy tortilla, spice, vegetables, sour cream and garlic ... what could be better? Looks delicious Tina!

Donna-FFW said...

Tina- These look fantastic. I have to make them soon. The possibilities on fillings are endless, but I like what you chose. Wandering Coyote has the most awesome recipes, love her blog too!

Wandering Coyote said...

Glad these were a hit, Pierce! I adore a good quesadilla.

Donna: Thanks! The love is mutual!

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