Grilled Tilapia

Yes, tilapia again.........It's a Summer meal - light and easy

If it's on sale, we'll probably buy it and grill it! But I don't think we'll be grilling tilapia again, not without a fish basket, because it's so thin that it sticks. However, the flavor of this particular fish grilled beats any of the oven cooked versions I've done. Very smokey. We use charcoal rather than gas because of the flavor. Takes longer but it's always been worth it.

Nice grill marks....

For sides we had a veggie mixture - looks like I am making ratatouille. What was available in the fridge was a baby eggplant, yellow squash, portabella mushrooms, red onions and fresh tomatoes.

Saute with a tiny bit of sesame oil and sea salt.

Don't saute too long or some of the vegetables will lose crispness.

Slice up some fruit such as strawberry, kiwi and toss in a few blueberries in for contrast. Love the summer fruit season :-)

Paired with Little Penguin chardonnay

Followed by a cheese course

This is another quick summer meal that is inexpensive and healthy. You can actually get sick of tilapia, not on it fro eating it, just from having too much. But while it's cheap we will certainly be trying it in different disguises...such as fish in a packet.


Le laquet said...

Looks and I bet it'll taste delicious AND I am anyone's for a cheese course T ... 6 days til France!!!!!

girlichef said...

That is a delightful meal! Tilapia is very delicate...I've always meant to get a fish basket for grilling, but haven't (thanks for reminding me). YUM :D

Pierce said...

6 days?!!!!!!! I am totally jealous. Please start posting snaps of yur trip once you get there.

Girichef - we actually have one...but didn't think we'd need it for this meal.

Donna-FFW said...

What a delicious wonderful meal. I love tilapia, will have to try it on the grill, taking your advice to use a grill pan!

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