Thursday, August 13, 2009

Barefoot Wine - Cabernet Sauvignon

For some reason, even though the heat of summer is peaking here, I had a craving for beef stew. The stew was good, it was easy to prepare and I let the crock pot do the work. But it really and truly is too hot for beef stew.

Sitting at our well scarred wooden kitchen table, we paused to look down at our bowls, taking a deep sniff of the aromas of beef, tomatoes and bacon. Then........ feeling the heat and steam of the stew as it wafted up we looked at each other and said, "beef's 95 degrees (36 C)...lets not do this again until October!

The redeeming factor in this was a very nice bottle of Barefoot wine, a Cabernet sauvignon which we'd never tried before. The rich flavor of this wine paired well with the beef. Lamb would work as well with this particular wine come to think of it. We'd seen the Barefoot commercials before but had passed over the offered selections at the grocery store. But this particular evening we thought we'd give it a try.

You may want to keep a few bottles of this wine in your wine rack or cooler. It's fairly inexpensive, as wines go, and complimented our stew well. In this economy it's nice to find an affordable wine for cooking and drinking that delivers on taste as well.

Here is an interesting public service commitment the Barefoot company has been involved with since 2007.

Barefoot Wine and Surfrider Foundation encourage local residents to volunteer at cleanup and restoration events across the country to help make these beaches "barefoot-friendly." Now, how cool is that?

I am looking forward to trying some of the whites with a summery type meal. Something much more appropriate to the weather we are experiencing. Have you had Barefoot wine before? If so, which have you tried and please suggest a food pairing!

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  1. Do they advertise on the west coast alot. I have never seen an ad here. I have been drinking barefoot for a while. I love all their wines, and this is our staple wine, we always have it on hand. We have lots of neighbors that love this too, when we have block parties, we have bottles of barefoot along side the beer. Also I always have a white zin by barefoot. Our next up go to is Mondavi, we usually have that with rich foods, or beef. Nice Post.


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