Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nigella's Lemonade and BBQ Shredded Chicken

I've neglected Nigella Express and feel terrible about it. Earlier in the year I was tearing through the book making some lovely mustard pork chops, Coq au Riesling and other deliciously buttery morsels for my ever patient family to taste test. I'm lucky there, let me tell you. No picky eaters at Squirrel Head Manor...whew.

One easy thing I had my eye on all summer was Nigella's Lemonade for a Cloudy Summer day. Each time I bought lemons to make it, I'd wind up using the fruit for a lemon chicken or iced tea or in another dish.

Here we are in September, summer looming to a close soon (and thank goodness for that - bring on the sweater weather!), so I thought I'd spend a day cooking and experimenting.

By the way, a big shout out to Girlichef for teaching me to do collages on the computer - I like the way it looks, how about you?

Here is all you will need.......

4 cups chilled club soda or other carbonated water (I used Perrier)
2 whole unwaxed lemons, cut into eighths
1/4 cup superfine sugar, or to taste

Put water lemon and sugar into blender and blitz until lemon is pureed.

Sieve the lemon into a pitcher, pressing down on the sieve. Pour over ice and serve.

Now I served this for lunch with shredded BBQ chicken that I'd made the evening before. Reheated garlic mashed potatoes and there's a decent lunch AND I cleaned out the fridge.

Nigella Express, On the Run section, page 278


  1. I would definitely consider that a good lunch! I love how cloudy the lemonade looks.

  2. I love sweater weather! As much as summer is fun, I like not having to suck in my gut :) This all looks delicious!

  3. How exciting someone from the Tally area too!

    Nigella" lemonade and BBQ shredded chicken look great. What a great end of the summer meal.

  4. BBQ chicken sandwich looks delicious & lemonade is very nice! Love the collage pictures!

  5. That looks like a an excellent lunch! I've done that recipe with limes, but with plain water, your way looks way better! BTW, I sent you an email to your gmail acct a few days ago, and we don't live up there now, we grew up there, and are now in orlando area.

  6. Janel - I just checked your site and you picked up some great books!

    Thanks Wandering Coyote! Hope your camping trip is fun.

    Cathy - I LIVE for sweater weather.

    Welcome Velva. I have enjoyed wandering about your website ;-)

    5 Star Foodie - Thanks for compliment on the collage. I had help!

    Angelia - Oops...sometimes I forget I have a gmail account. I'll go check it out.

  7. Yay, it looks great...the food, the drink and the collage :) Do you want to play along with us over at I Heart Cooking Clubs? We're cookin' with Nigella right now! Check my link (on current post or on sidebar) if you know we'd love to have u!

  8. Yum, perfect way to honour the passing summer!
    Welcome to IHCC! I hooked up your post to Mr. Linky and added you to the blogroll.

  9. Congrats on the collage! I'd like to learn how to do them too. The lemonade looks great. I thought about making it for IHCC. Love your blog.

  10. delicious bbq shredded chicken, I would love to have me some of that for lunch today

  11. Girlichef - Oh yea...I love Nigella!

    Natashya - Thank you, Mr Linky had me a bit confused but the router went out just as I was trying to enter my web address.

    Thanks Kim! I have several Nigella recipes dog-earred and ready.

    Jessie - it was super easy!

  12. I will certainly give this lemonade a try. Lemon is probably my favorite taste next to (or maybe more than) chocolate! This sounds like a fun event. I would love for you to join me for Crock Pot Wednesday at

  13. Loving the easiness of that recipe and as I love anything lemony I am going to have to give that a try! And that BBQ chicken looks delicious. I made lemon posset last weekend, it was gorgeous - creamy, lemony and sweet BUT there's no way that Doug is going to let you make it if the Nigella recipes are on hold!

  14. Debbie - I would love to join you for crockpot Wednesday. Count me in!

    Laquet! hsve Internet again. Doug said he'd make an exception ;-)

  15. Well, don't say I didn't warn you :o)

    Lemon posset
    600ml/1 pint 1fl oz double cream
    150g/5oz caster sugar
    2 large lemons, zest and juice only

    1. For the posset, place the double cream and the sugar into a large pan over a low heat and bring to a rolling simmer and cook stirring to melt the sugar for three minutes, then remove from the heat and allow to cool.
    2. Add the lemon juice and zest and whisk well.
    3. Pour the lemon cream mixture into six (I'm afraid I did 4)serving glasses and refrigerate for three hours.

    I served this with cantucci - too yum for words!

  16. Looks delicious! Thanks for joining us at IHCC--hopefully it will inspire even more cooking from Nigella. ;-)

  17. Oh yes, Jo, this will be included...double cream or's al natural ingredients so how could Doug say no?!

    Deb, Thank you...I have several ideas for next week's Nigella theme. So glad I found you all.

  18. Love your lemonade! And your chicken and potatoes look yummy too!

  19. Nothing goes better with BBQ chicken than lemonade. I bet it was delicious!

  20. Lil Sis and Shelly W - thank you! It was agood combo. I recommend it. Thanks for visiting my blog!


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