Pizza Night- Yippee it's Friday!

Thankfully it is Friday. What a week..........we've had over 5 inches of rain in one day this week which resulted in septic tank problems. Stake me through the heart...we need a new drain field.

All this rain just acerbated the problems with back ups. Pine tree roots have invaded the drain field. It's always something. And there is so much standing water that the Earth just can't absorb anymore.

On the bright side, we do not have any water in the house. There has been much flooding in our area and some people have had cars upended in ditches of water, cars submerged, roads washed out...our field is a lake. Oh yeah...and that means the septic tank truck can not get would sink. Lovely.

The shibas are getting used to new food as the Innova we had been giving them is such high protein that they are gaining weight. Lots of it. Bad for the joints and their health in general. So the finicky kids are having to get used to new stuff.

Recipes - Almost everything I tried this week had an issue. I started a pineapple upside down cake only to discover that I had but four pineapple to the store to get more pineapple rings.

Another night I just knew we had fresh pasta in the fridge and so we stopped for fresh scallops and wine to make a pasta dish. I start the prep with frying the garlic and getting things ready...lo and pasta in the fridge.

Tried two new recipes and they came out edible...but you'd shrug and say, I never want it again. Next week's meals will be better planned! I decided not to change the name of this blog to culinary disasters..haha...

On the good news front I have a job interview and I have not had an interview in oh...say, about 7 years. I do have a job...but this would be much cooler.

And, as I titled this post - it's Friday! That means sleeping in tomorrow and pizza tonight.

Have a great weekend.


Joyful said...

The dogs are simply beautiful. It sounds (and looks) like you take wonderful care of them.

Wandering Coyote said...

Good luck with the job, Pierce! A cooler job would! Gorgeous doggies!

Janel said...

Septic problems are never fun. We have a good field, but my parents' is terrible.

Up here in Michigan they are saying we might have a thunderstorm on Sunday! There goes the snow, hello mud!

Velva said...

TGIF!!! Yesterday's torrential rainfall in an already saturated ground (not too mention all the dead grass from the freezing temps) made for quite a mess.
Sorry, to hear the drain field needs to be replaced-that stinks.

Funny, you should mention a change in dog food. We just changed our dog from Iams to Biljack. I was looking at the innova too.

Good luck on that job interview. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

Fresh Local and Best said...

I am sorry about the chain of problems that have been brought on by the rain. This too shall pass. Your dogs are beautiful!

Laura in Paris said...

Wish you a better weekn next week! I guess we all go though days like the ones you describe - frustrating ... but managable!

Cathy said...

ooooh send me an email and tell me what the job is for! Fingers are crossed for you!

Pierce said...

Joyful - thank you for visiting and your comments about the dogs. They are so spoiled.

WC - Thanks! More money is always a plus for a new job, I'll let you know.

Janel - And it's something you just can't put off when you need a drain field. Oh man...thunderstorms...that's not good!

Velva - I didn't even think about the grass being dead and that does complicate the drying up process.

Innova is great food but high on protein. Makes it fatty. They are trying Wellness for seniors now. Biljack is pretty good food, they love the training treats.

Fresh and Local Best - thank you for your kind comments!

Thank you Laura. Yes, this will all pass soon. I'm hoping for better weather soon too :-)

Cathy, I'll send an email before I go to bed tonight!

Kim said...

Sorry to hear about the flooding! Sounds like you and I had the same skills in the kitchen this week. One day I burnt scrambled eggs, then I burnt my butter twice when I was starting a soup and then I burnt my pork tenderloins. Guess we can't be culinary goddesses all the time :D
Good luck with the job interview. I'm sure you'll do great!!

Pierce said...

Thanks Kim! Wow, you had the same luck I did in the kitchen, this week anyway. Hang in there. You are correct - we can't be culinary goddesses all the time...haha

Rebecca said...

Hi Pierce, Thanks so much for popping over to my little corner of the interwebs, so now I can enjoy yours.

I think you should have a stash of marmalade hidden away just for yourself!

Good luck with the job..

Also, can I just say how beautiful your dogs are. Absolutely gorgeous.

A Year on the Grill said...

Hope you are drying out...

loved the puppies

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