Steak Slice with Lemon and Thyme

The theme is Resolutions over at I Heart Cooking Club so I thought, what better way to start off the year than to tackle a goal I set last year. I am still slowly limping through Nigella Express, trying to check off more of her recipes. Some are so good that we’ve repeated them and others….well, I glare at woefully.

But a goal isn’t written in stone. It’s more like a guideline. Yet I honestly do want to cook my through that particular cookbook. (I never did establish a time limit…so that’s not failure…I’m going with that).

Problem is…I’ll see a dynamite recipe which one of ya'll posts and think…OH..I want to try that! Or I get a new cookbook or magazine and it’s the same issue … I dart off drooling in another direction.

Anyway………lets tackle Nigella’s steak slice with lemon and fresh thyme....start the year off with fresh herbs and fresh produce.

You'll need the following ingredients........

* 1 sirloin steak (1-inch thick) weighing approximately 1 pound 4 ounces
* Oil, for greasing
* 5 stalks fresh thyme to give 1 tablespoon of stripped leaves
* 2 bruised cloves garlic
* 1/3 cup extra-virgin olive oil
* 1/2 lemon, zested and juiced
* 1/2 teaspoon table salt
* Good grinding fresh pepper


Cut away the fat from around the edge of the steak while you heat a griddle or pan.

Brush the steak with oil to prevent it sticking to the griddle or pan, and then cook for 3 minutes a side plus 1 minute each side turned again (this gives you pretty griddle marks) for desirably rare meat; the lemon in the post-hoc marinade 'cooks' it a little more.

While the steak is cooking, place the thyme leaves, garlic, oil, lemon zest, juice, salt and pepper in a wide shallow dish.

Once the steak is cooked, place it in the dish of marinade for 2 minutes a side,

before removing it to a board and slicing thinly on the diagonal.

We like it rare. Just put the cutting board on the table and serve.

We served this with avocado slices...they are so good this time of year.

Cotes Du Rhone was a nice choice........

This is one we'll surely do again. Great fresh taste.

As for resolutions
.........this year I hope to drink and try different wines, try new foods, and figure out a good baguette recipe that I can successfully bake. I'd also like to figure out Facebook which I recently dipped a proverbial toe.....seemed a good way to share more recipes.

And last but not least, it would be good to plan a trip to visit family in Mississippi, ride the Natchez Trace, eat a White Castle burger (I never have done that), and plan a trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway.

What are some of your goals for 2010? Drop me an email if you'd like :-)


Janel said...

This sounds like a lovely way to do steak. Interesting to marinate it after it's cooked.

We did some of the Blue Ridge Parkway last summer. Very beautiful and lots of interesting places to visit.

By the way, I just bought a Jamie Oliver Nintendo DS game today :)

Fresh Local and Best said...

Pierce, this steak looks dare I say - refreshing?! I bet is wonderfully delicious!

Karine said...

Great combo of flavors with your steak! Thanks for sharing :)

Pierce said...

We really look forward to the parkway trip. I hope the weather is good since we'll be on Doug's bike.

A Jamie Oliver game...really? How does that work, do you prepare meals?

Fresh and Local Best - It was refreshing..the fresh thyme made lots of difference. I hope to use more fresh ingredients this year.

Karine - thank you!

~~louise~~ said...

No resolutions for me this year but, that may just this second changed when I saw that beautiful steak. I just may resolve to try my hand at it!!! Gorgeous:)

I do the same thing though, I go off on these episodes of wanting to cook or bake everything thing I see on everyone's blog. Your steak is NOT a passing phase...

Thank you so much for the choice of wine:)

Vanillastrawberryspringfields said...

What an amazingly elcious way for steak-love nigella's recipes but u have presented it so beautifully here.....

Natashya KitchenPuppies said...

I had better not let hubby see this post, between the steak, wine and avocado you have all his favourite things!
I completely understand about wanting to cook from everything. I do that too.
Maybe I should do all Indian food for a month.... or all Italian... Mexican... maybe all Jamie Oliver, Mario, Marcella.. maybe one from every book, maybe a whole issue of Gourmet.. I have more desires than time.
Great pick - totally delicious.

A Year on the Grill said...

OHHH.. The blue ridge parkway...

About 25 years ago, I was on a business trip. I had 3 hours to kill. It was advertised as "the week" when the fall colors would be best to see.

It was the most beautiful three hours of my life... Go there, but try to aim for the fall leave season

And your steak is almost as pretty

monicajane said...

that is a thing of beauty...

I live about 5 minutes from the parkway...when are you coming through?

Velva said...

Happy New Year to you Pierce! You ought to stick more than your toe into discovering facebook-really, it is a most enjoyable waste of time. It is quite fun, I think you would enjoy it.

The steak slice with lemon and thyme looks really good. The steak is cooked perfectly. Wow.

Cheers to trying new wines. The wine that you highlighted on this post, is a great bottle.

Debinhawaii said...

I want to make this one too--I love that combo of lemon, garlic and thyme--Mmm!

Pierce said...

Louise, thank you! Yes, you and I are alike there. I'll go off on missions to cook certain things :-) Hope you are staying warm.

VanillaStrawberry - Thank you!

Natashya, I know what you mean...wish I had more time to cook all the pages I've earmarked. I would be the size of a house though.

Year on the Grill - I am looking forward to the parkway trip. Have not been in years.

MonicaJane - Lucky you, living near such a lovely area. We were shooting for summer since we'll be on the bike. I will definitely let you know!

Thank you Velva and Happy New Year to you too! Facebook probably has so many applications I am not even aware of. I am slowly looking around. I don't use my last name on it, I am just Tina Marie, and my photo is a le creuset pot with a bottle of wine!

Deb - if you like steak rare this is perfect as it isn't steaming hot when served. Great flavor though.

Kim said...

I just got my power cord!!! Yeah! This steak looks so juicy and delicious. It is quite a goal to cook through a cookbook. I find myself getting sidetracked by other recipes too :D

Pierce said...

Kim - Yea - I'm glad you got the cord. I know someone whose dog chewed through their cord. She was offline for days,

Le laquet said...

Oh my lord - how delicious! I am going to give this a go :o)

Pierce said...

Link it to Facebook when you do! Thanks for the link to the cooking in Britain (with a paunch) site. Love it!

Drick said...

'cutting board on table' that sounds so like me only, put it in front on me .... great recipe, I like lime on steaks also

Pierce said...

Drick - we are very informal...most of the time anyway. Lime? I have to try that too.

Anonymous said...

What nice seasonings for the steak.

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