Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nice Sunday Weather for Ridin'

Last Saturday we were good and worked around the house. Had a huge fire and burned lots of downed limbs, burned all sorts of things. Raked until my arms ached.

It was nice enough weather to eat lunch outside while we watched the fire. But Sunday...perfect weather and clear skies. Last Sunday it was a beautiful we rode to St. George Island.

Here are a few snaps of us on a bridge coming through Sumatra on the way to the coast....

Tristan and Doug

We ate at Harry A's restaurant (Tristan had never been before) and I had the fried shrimp basket with black beans and rice.

Doug and Tristan had fried oysters and gator tail with sweet potato fries.

The decor is quite interesting with very old license plates from all over the US, stuffed wildlife mounted on the walls, an old red phone booth filled with books that you can take and leave on in return, a stage for the band, an outdoor tiki bar and cool patio....

What a fun day.........

In just two weeks we ride to New Port Richey...can't wait!



    You have the best life! Actually, it is what you make of it... You are making the best life!

  2. Looks like a great day! Glad to see the weather worked out so nicely.

  3. You guys are adventurous eaters. Fried gator tails?!!

  4. Nice leather pants, Pierce! Food looks delicious!

  5. Look at you in your black leather pants! That's hot stuff:D

    Love the place where you ate- it looks full of character. I tried the gator bites once or twice. I couldn't get past the fact that I was eating gator.

  6. nice fun ... would loved to have been at your table at Harry's A ... cool sounding place

  7. I wish we would have weather like that this weekend....Lisa is heading down to NPR with the kiddo.

  8. I love the way "fried gator tails" just rolls off your tongue!

  9. I didn't like the gator...I have heard you can have it cooked where it's tasty...but I like my fried shrimp!

    The leather pants will save my hide if we slide on asphalt (but I do think they look nice) and I do hope we never slide.

    The weather WAS great and anytime one of you guys wants to ride along, say the word :-0
    Thanks everyone!!

  10. Those smiles show everyone had fun! You look terrific in your black suit!

  11. Tina,
    That picture of you and your son is so cute! Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. I'm glad I could be your little healthy eating fairy yesterday. I like that imagery. I imagine I was wearing a long white tutu with feathers, beautiful sparkly wings and of course, a silvery sparkly crown. :) I STRUGGLE with portion control and healthy eating. Part of the reason for the blog is to keep myself accountable. That was the whole reason why I started the blog but somewhere along the way, I had forgotten. Now that I've remembered my true passion and why I started in the first place, I just LOVE being back! Thank you for visiting and your kind comments. Perhaps we can be each others healthy eating fairies!

  12. Thank you Laura - I like to think black is slimming. And this particular outfit is also protective. Double bonus.

    Joie - For portion control I try and "plan for seconds" by taking smaller amounts. Then, most of the time, I don't actually need seconds. I have been trying to keep more fruit around for snacking.

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