Attitude Adjustment, Cheesy Manicotti and a Long Bike Ride

I'm going to tell you about this cheesey meal at the end..........

But first, I wanted to thank you. I had many kind comments about my "Rain Vent" and despair regarding our sewage issues. Thank you all for your encouragement ......I am going to keep a good attitude. Can't change the earth our house sits on so we'll patiently wait for a drying period. Make a game out of it!

Picking January 6th as the day we officially knew we were boned (in regard to a new drain field) this is day 74 of the "crisis."

Yesterday was lovely warm weather, perfect for a ride. So I hopped on the back of Doug's Road Glide and Tristan came along on his Triumph for a long ride to Dothan Alabama. We started out near 11 AM and didn't get home until 5:30 late afternoon.

The reason I mention Tristan rode his Triumph is because we brought my Kawasaki home from consignment. So he's riding it once in awhile, keeping the battery from dying. Right, that was another expense - the battery died while it sat at the shop so that was another $134 we had to spend. was great weather, a fun ride, I saw lots of beautiful flowering dogwoods and Japanese magnolias blooming, saw lots of cows and two white goats, many other bikes out....sadly the camera battery died so no photos for this trip.

We ate at Dobb's BBQ in Dothan. Great food and an entertaining owner who chatted with us a bit before we left. We looked at helmets at the Victory dealership and Tristan has his eye on one...a bit expensive but it has some good features.

We looked at the guns at Buck's Outdoor Shop and the salesman showed me how to shoulder a shotgun. My only experience with a shotgun before was when my Dad took me out near Tinicum Island outside Philadelphia; tried to show me how to shoot and did not prepare me for the noise and recoil.

Bang! Down on my butt in seconds and I didn't want to do it again! But I was just looking yesterday...a small revolver felt pretty good in my hand though. Just right for someone my size. Light and easy to handle.

On the way home I broke the backrest for my seat. Must have grabbed it too hard when adjusting myself or kicked it wrong dismounting. Doug will fix it. Stopped in Havana at a local shop to get more PG Tips tea and a couple of sodas.

Last leg of trip home a wild turkey came running out of the woods toward Doug, turned abruptly and ran back into the woods. It was huge! Can you imagine us getting broadsided by a turkey?! That would be a sad way to die on a motorcycle and people wouldn't be able to not laugh when Tristan explained it.

"How did your parents die?"

"They were broadsided by a wild turkey"

"Really? A turkey took down a Harley Road Glide and killed your parents?" (snort)

A turkey.

OK - on to the recipe!

Manicotti with lots of cheese

So, on to a good meal because good food and company always makes me smile.

This manicotti recipe can be found HERE. It’s a Giada De Laurentiis recipe I grabbed off Food Network.

Easy to toss together…….pop it in the oven.

We didn’t have wine with it and that was fine. Two manicotti stuffed shells were enough to eat with some European cucumber and bread.

I'll be off to visit all the blogs later today. We are going to look at Open Houses this afternoon.



Le laquet said...

Ok - I've never had mancotti ... is it like canelloni? Your trip sounds like lots of fun, missed having you both around T ~ welcome back :o)
p.s. broadsided by a wild turkey *snigger*

Martha said...

Sure looks yummy! :-)

Wandering Coyote said...

I have had great BBQ in Alabama, actually. I would love to go back there! Glad you had a nice ride and some time away from the house!

Janel said...

Sounds like the ride and time away from the house were just what you needed! My hubby hit a wild turkey with my car when I was pregnant and I swear I couldn't stand to eat poultry for the rest of that pregnancy. It did quite a bit of damage to the car, so I can only imagine what one would do to a bike.
Glad he/she turned around!

Kim said...

Sounds like a long ride was exactly what you needed, except for the broken seat and the wild turkey (those things are mean).

The cheesy manicotti looks great. I'm interested to hear how your open houses turn out. Are you looking to move?

I have a story that might put a smile on your face. At the very least, I know that you will be able to appreciate it. I was at the mall yesterday working. I started at noon, but hadn't ate since breakfast. Around 5:30 I took my break and I was starving. We only get about 30 minutes and the food court was super busy. I ordered a gyro and some fries but then I realized that there was nowhere to sit and eat. Standing with aching feet I tried to eat a gyro and fries. I didn't get very far along at all when some teenagers came by bumping into me, knocking the food all over the floor. Not one bite of food stayed in my container. Not one bite! I was so angry. Not only was the meal $9, but I was starving and it was really good. I didn't have time to go back in line and order more, so I had to go back to work for another 3 hours w/out really eating anything. I was so mad that I really wasn't hungry anymore.

Take care!!

Pierce said...

Jo - You know what, I don't know what Canneloni is?! Off to google it. I ought to know that....

I missed being online too. On top af all the rain mess, my computer had a virus and all this ad ware wormed it way through and I couldn't go online at all. Until late Saturday. Had someone fix it for a bag of coffee!

Martha - Thanks, it was very good. So cheesey and I like cheese.

WC - You said it, a ride was perfect to make the mood better. The BBQ was great!

Janel - Those turkeys are big, aren't they? You can eat poultry now, right? I'm guessing you didn't eat that one, the one hubby killed.

Kim - I am so sorry that your meal took flight! That sucks....the meal sounded good. Oh and we probably won't move. We looked at two houses today and the first one was nice and the second one was just meant for partying. A pool, and outdoor brick BBQ, lots of windows...but not much size to it. And expensive.

Drick said...

always get a chuckle when reading of your rides and this one is full of fun ... too bad you didn't have that pistol handy, could have had wild turkey for supper

Pierce said...

Thank you Drick. It really was lots of fun, good weather too. That wild turkey dinner sounds good. It had a blue patch on it's head so I don't know if that was a girl or boy turkey.

Sweet and Savory said...

Manicotti is such a warming meal. In this brisk Spring, it is still nice to have. I love manicoti. I learned to make it, using lasagna noodles.

~~louise~~ said...

Now that's what I'd call a long bike ride but oh so much fun except for the few "issues" along the way. Better to clean the cobwebs out all at once.

Mike finished building his bike last week. Today he went and got some fuel at the airport for it. Don't ask me. I have no idea about "special" fuel. Although he won't let me near it, he has invited me for a ride. I'm afraid I'm just not ready...

The manicotti looks good. Hope there's no wild turkey in it, LOL...

Have a GREAT weekend. I need to catch up on your blog tomorrow. Open House???

Pierce said...

Sweet and Savory - Lasagna noodles, I never thought of that. Cool idea!

Louise - Maybe you could get a small short ride in...see how you like it. I love's fun...unless a turkey tries to take you out!

~~louise~~ said...

Thanks for the chuckle, Tina. By the time Mike gets that bike back together, I'll be...let's see, how can I say this? Well, you get my drift:) Here in PA, we worry about friends of Phil taking us out...

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