Magazine Monday - Indoor Pulled Pork

I have received magazine subscriptions as gifts before but wow – this Cook’s Illustrated magazine has been perfect for each and every recipe we’ve tried so far. I love it!

If you don’t subscribe, I’d recommend at least grabbing an issue from your grocery or book store. Try it out. You’ll love it too. This issue had a good recipe for indoor pulled pork.

To achieve the same texture and smokiness of an outdoor grill, try this recipe for Indoor Pulled Pork with Sweet and Tangy BBQ sauce.

Ingredients first, directions to follow……For the pork you’ll need these ingredients………..

1 cup plus 2 teaspoons table salt

½ cup plus 2 tablespoons sugar

3 tablespoons liquid smoke

1 boneless pork butt (about 5 pounds) cut in half horizontally

¼ cup yellow mustard

2 tablespoons ground pepper

2 tablespoons smoked paprika

Sweet and Tangy BBQ Sauce – ingredients

1 ½ cup ketchup

¼ cup light or mild molasses

2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce

1 tablespoon hot sauce

½ teaspoon table salt

½ teaspoon ground black pepper

Fair warning – you will want to do this on a day off or when you have time to run back to the house to check on the progress.

the 1 cup salt, ½ cup sugar and liquid smoke into 4 quarts of cold water. I did not have a cooler handy so I used my old Rubbermaid cake container lid to soak the pork. Worked like a charm! Submerge pork in brine and cover then refrigerate for 2 hours

While pork brines, combine mustard and remaining ingredients (including 2 more teaspoons liquid smoke.); set aside.

Combine black pepper, paprika and remaining 2 tablespoons of sugar, 2 teaspoons salt and cayenne in a small bowl; set aside.

Adjust oven rack to lower-middle position and heat to 325 degrees F.

Remove pork from brine and wipe it off with a paper towel. Rub mustard mixture over entire surface of pork.

Now sprinkle entire surface of both pieces with spice mixture.

Foil line a baking sheet and place a wire rack inside, on top of foil. Place parchment paper over pork and cover with foil, sealing well, to prevent moisture from escaping. Roast for 3 hours.

Take foil off and continue to cook for another hour and half or until it registers 200 degrees on an instant read thermometer.

You are supposed to place roast on serving plate and tent with foil, letting it rest for 20 minutes but I didn’t do that. I just started shredding one piece of the pork in rep for the sauce.

Easy to shred....

The sauce prep is pretty much common sense, toss it together and whisk well.

Toss together about 1 cup of BBQ sauce with the shredded pork. I did not shred the other slab of pork – I sliced it up and put on a platter.

Here it is cooked.....just out of the oven.

Pass the sauce. Served with baked beans and salad. Iced tea mixed with lemonade. Buns and biscuits!

Thank you to Gregg, Barb and Mia for this amazing magazine. Like I said, there has not been one recipe that hasn’t been over-the-top great. Looking forward to trying the baked apples next month.

I am sending this over to Cream Puff’s in Venice for her Magazine Monday series and also posting it to Foodbuzz!


Bob said...

I have that issue, it's a good one. I've made oven pulled pork using a similar method, it' a good time.

Carla and Michael said...

This sounds wonderful. You don't have to worry about it burning up on the grill by watching it all those hours either. I love America's Test Kitchen and Cook's Illustrated. They make no-nonsence recipes out of everything.

A Year on the Grill said...

I am saving this... such a taste for spring grilling... but no grill, so this will be ideal!

Drick said...

I think we have the same taste buds - we seem to like many of the same foods, like this one ... it is really great

Branch Ocampo said...

Tina - that looks so so sooooo yummy! And that is after you talked about it - wow - now I want some even more :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds incredibly flavorful! I have to get some liquid smoke soon and make this!

Kim said...

I love Cooks Illustrated. Pulled pork is one of my all time favorite meals (definitely top ten). This looks fantastic Tina!

Pierce said...

Bob - this was my first time with this method. It's a new fav. Fun too.

Carla and Michael - I agree. This is a good magazine and all recipes have been on the mark.

Dave - you must miss your grill :-(

Drick - I agree...I was just visiting your site and love that drink you made.

Branch - Thank you!

5 Star Foodie - This was my first experience with the liquid smoke. Good stuff.

Kim - thank you. You inspired me to buy Tyler Florence's book. Just got it today from Amazon!

Kathleen said...

I think I could live on pulled pork! Your recipe looks fabulous!

Pierce said...

Thank you Kathleen. Please let me know if you try it!

Fresh Local and Best said...

I agree Cook's Illustrated is the best magazine on the market. This pulled pork looks amazing!

Pierce said...

Thank you Fresh and Local...I agree this is a great magazine. I have been loving your truffle posts!

creampuff said...

Cook's Illustrated is just the best! I have never made pulled pork because for some reason it just seems a bit too challenging ... but you've demystified it ... love it!

Pierce said...

Thanks Creampuff! It looked harder than it actually was...and Cook's Illustrated proved to have yet another dynamic recipe!

Analyze A said...

I really love Cook's Illustrated magazine (or as well! We loved this recipe too! Our favorite sauce by far was the Sweet and Tangy Barbecue Sauce. I tried it again with the other two sauces (lexington vinegar and south carolina mustard) but this original one was definitely our favorite sauce. However they're probably all worth trying to pick your favorite. This is sooooooooooo yummy and will definitely be a repeat recipe in our house!!!

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