Tyler Florence, Butter and more butter = a Perfectly Browned Roasted Chicken

I was told that this roasted chicken had the prettiest skin of any chicken ever roasted at Squirrel Head Manor. It is pretty, isn't it?

My kitchen mentor for bread and many a chicken dish has been the Wandering Coyote over at ReTorte. Lots of great recipes there.........

But this time....well, you know who I can thank for this?
Kim at Stirring the Pot. Kim is the one who captured my interest in Tyler Florence's cookbook, Stirring the Pot. (I think he named titled his cook book after her blog)

Until I started blogging more about food, and less on the genealogy front, I had no idea how many foodie blogs were out there. Had I known there was a Tyler Florence-centric site, I may have "joined" awhile back. Always learning something new :-)

The ease of prepping this bird amazed me.
Wash it, dry it, salt and pepper it.............make a parsley butter in your food processor.

Once it's all slathered with decadent buttery goodness, place mushrooms around the bird in your roasting pan. Do you like before and after shots?
Here is the obvious before snap:


Thank you Kim for pointing the direction to Tyler's recipes. FYI: You can see her post for this delectable chicken meal HERE.

If you are a fan of roasted chicken...........Here are some other links for this theme:

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And once you have leftovers...please check out this site:
101 Uses for a Roasted Chicken Series – by ReTorte



Katerina said...

It looks so easy to prepare and so crispy and juicy when it is ready. I love chicken, I will definitely keep this recipe.

Kim said...

I'm so glad to hear you all liked it and yes...yours looks perfectly golden brown and moist! It's a lot of butter but it's worth it:)

Thanks for the shout out! Hope you have a great weekend. It's starting to cool off here, hope it's doing the same your way.

Julie said...

Tyler Florence and butter are both things that I like :) Your chicken turned out just beautiful!

Pierce said...

Katerina - Oh, I assure you, you wouldn't be sorry to make this one. It's so moist. We are making chicken salad with some of the leftovers.

Kim - Lucky girl! We have a heat index of 111 F today...BUT, we are about to get into cooler temsp in another month. Oh yes, that was alot of butter and I wondered if I should have used so much, but it came out well. Thanks for turning me on to Tyler!

Julie - Thank you and I'm glad you stopped by :-)

Terrianne, Call me Ree said...

Hi Pierce,

What a gorgeous roasted chicken! I bet it was super moist. Butter+ More butter= Super delicious. =)

I found you through Heather and Food 'n Flix and wanted to come by and introduce myself.

I'm Ree at Milk, Sugar, Musings & Love. I'm just so excited about sharing in what's sure to be great fun. =) Glad to meet you. I look forward to seeing you around.


Drick said...

personally, I don't think there's a better looking bird on anyone's site .. this is just so succulent looking, you know it's gotta be super moist - now, what did you do with all that great pan renderings?

Wandering Coyote said...

Why thank you for the shout-out, pierce! I really appreciate it!

I have done the butter-slathered chicken before and have to say I was not a fan...too greasy for one thing...It just wasn't my cup of tea. Yours looks very gorgeous, though!

I have to convince someone to take me across the border to shop for groceries soon; I haven't had chicken in ages and you know how it kills me to buy chicken up here! Especially whole ones!

Pierce said...

Ree - Thank you so much! I look forward to this new site as well. I love movies and of course, food :-) Let me swing by your site and check it out!

Drick - Thanks man :-) It did come out pretty well, looks wise. Gravy was in the works for the juice. The mushrooms didn't reheat well though.

WC - It was really moist though. And you deserve many shout-outs woman, you have helped me with sooo many recipes! Yeah, you have to get across the border....I will bet you buy tons of chickens.

Wandering Coyote said...

I'm only allowed 10kg or about 22lbs, so I have to be careful!

Joanne said...

Tyler is one of my personal saviors of good food. The chicken looks fabulous...and I don't just say that to everyone :P

Juliana said...

Yummie, your roasted chicken look so delicious, juicy and SO tasty!

Pierce said...

WC - Yikes, maybe you could get someone else to grab a 22 pound sack of chcikena nd you'd get double! I'd help if I were closer :-)

Joanne - Thank you so much! I am just beginning to get to know Tyler and I am loving the selection of recipes in Stirring the Pot!

Sage said...

That chicken has to be perfection; I can almost taste it; great photos!

Pierce said...

Thank you so much Sage!

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