Arm Chair Traveling to Italy - via Williams-Sonoma's The Essentials of Italian

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We all have our go-to cookbooks…our favorites…….sometimes it’s a book with complicated recipes and gorgeous photos, falling into the Food Porn category. Those books are usually drooled over and much admired, but sadly put aside as there isn’t enough kitchen time for a complicated recipe.
We gaze longingly at the meals presented and wish for the time and/or skills to bestow these appetizing courses onto the family dinner table.

At present, I am in possession of a Williams- Sonoma cookbook which deftly covers mouth watering delectable Italian dishes….and most are not complicated recipes.

The Essentials of Italian cookbook by Williams-Sonoma has been checked out of the library, time after time, as I try the recipes and read up on the Italian regions, specialties, Italian pantry essentials and featuring:-

· Over 130 delicious classic Italian recipes; full-color photography

· Suggestions for alternative ingredients, recipe variations, and accompaniments

· Comprehensive glossary of ingredients and culinary terminology

One Country, Many Cuisines

The colorful regional map is divided and labeled, followed by short paragraphs detailing the regional specialties, the culinary signature and a geographical description of the area. As I am leisurely flipping through the pages of this book, noting recipes I want to try, it seems my tastes buds for vegetables are steered toward Tuscany….however, that doesn’t mean Tuscany has my sole concentration. I am all over the countryside with regional specialties. My favorite so far has been the grilled lamb from Umbria .

Let us start our virtual tour of this book with Grilled Marinated Lamb Chops. The very sight of these sizzling chops had me salivating.

Simple Ingredients...........

3 large garlic cloves, minced
2 tablespoons chopped fresh rosemary
¼ cup olive oil
Sea salt and ground pepper
8 lamb chops

In small bowl, stir together rosemary, garlic and olive oil and a few grinds of pepper. Place the lamb chops in a shallow dish, brush with the olive oil mixture and coat well.

Cover and refrigerate for at least two hours. We let them sit overnight.

Using a charcoal grill, place the chops on and grill to desired doneness.

Excerpt from the book (about Umbria ):

"Wandering the winding streets of Umbrian hill towns will lead you to many trattorias where roaring fireplaces are still used to grill steaks, chicken, sausages and these simple rib chops, bathed with an olive oil and garlic marinade. The crisp brown chops are best when eaten sizzling hot off the fire, so the Italians call them scottadito, or “burned fingers”"

Between our reluctance to deal with the invasive practices of TSA the cost of a flight and other vacation expenses and our disinclination to leave our shibas for more than 10 days…..this is how we travel. Well, foreign travel I should say. Join us for an abbreviated culinary journey through Italy , courtesy of a lovely Williams-Sonoma cookbook.

Next post we are headed to Sicily!



Fresh Local and Best said...

Williams Sonoma's recipes always work well. I've not encountered one that hasn't worked well. Your grilled lamb looks so tender and succulent.

Joanne said...

I love william's sonoma cookbooks. I checked out one from the library on risotto once and copied down all of the recipes I wanted to make. None have ever steered me wrong.

This is going to be such a fun trip through Italy! The lamb chops look delicious and I can't wait to see what the rest of the country has in store!

Rita said...

What lovely post; I do not know rese books, but now I'm intrigued.
Your grilled lamb chops look simple and perfect. Gotto go find these books. Thank yo.

Kim said...

Oh, Tina! I love grilled lamb chops. Aren't they so tender and delicious? I could definitely burn my fingers on a few of these;)

I have always loved Williams-Sonoma books. You can always count on their recipes and their books are always beautiful.

Wouldn't it be awesome to go on a motorcycle cruise through the Italian countryside? I can't even imagine how wonderful that would be!

Thanks so much for the sweet award and your kind words. I'm a little behind with my Dad visiting, but I'm going to post some answers next week. Thanks again:)

Katerina said...

Marinating these chops definitely makes the difference. They look very tempting. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

Drick said...

thanks for taking us along on your arm-chair trip ... those chops looked beautiful to begin with and the recipe I know made them even better.....

Brenda said...

Tina, I just love grilled lamb chops, what a great recipe! I don't make lamb nearly enough. Thanks for the armchair trip. :o)

Pierce said...

Thanks everyone for joining me for in virtual travel of Italy! I agree with Kim, a motorcycle ride through Tuscany or anywhere in Italy would be amazing. One day...I hope.

If anyone tries these lamb chops, if you like lamb that is, please let me know how you like them.

Doug said he may not grill any other cut of lamb now they were THAT good :-)

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