Chicken Milanese - Giada at Home

I have been on vacation and while having a great time, have missed my kitchen. My beautiful Aunt Ellen has allowed me to use her kitchen (which is a fantastic kitchen) and I can get homemade cooking fix.

Eating out can get old...we need healthy food!

The theme is Family Style at I Heart Cooking Club!

What a nice piece of luck, I had all the ingredients I needed in the fridge and pantry except the fennel. Since I was shopping anyway and since I already had a list…it would be easy to remember the fennel. Yeah, I am too easily distracted….if I have a list I can get what I need and if it’s one more thing that isn’t on the list I go into the store chanting silently (don’t forget the fennel, don’t forget the fennel, fennel, fennel…Oh look – Shiny!) and whadyaknow…I forget the fennel.

So, what should have been a short story long….I forgot the fennel.

Nevertheless…this came out very well and it’s going to be on the repeat list at Squirrel Head manor.

The link to the recipe is HERE

Surf over to I Heart Cooking Club and see what other Giada delicacies have been prepared.

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