Monday, November 22, 2010

Potluck with Giada's Garlic and Citrus Chicken

Thank you to Lyndsay of the blog The Kitchen Witch for becoming a follower of my blog!

Potluck at IHCC !!

We have ups and downs with temperatures in North Florida - cool at night (sometimes frost) and then t-shirt weather by afternoon. This meal fits the potluck theme and has a Floridian accent.

Garlic and Citrus Chicken

The fruit caramelized on the skin - a nice Florida suntan.

Recipe is HERE

What an easy meal to prepare!

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  1. wow, that is one truly gorgeous roasted chicken!

    I am always trying to come up with new ways to roast chicken...

    I've got two in my freezer...the next one is getting this treatment!! it looks great


  2. You roasted this checken perfectly. The skin looks so crunchy and this dark brown color is amazing.

  3. Tina - I love that you enjoy trying all sorts of roast chicken recipes. Roast chicken is a staple for us as well and it seems I make one nearly every week. In fact, we're have roast chicken for Thanksgiving. (My son is allergic to turkey, beef, and pork).

    This one looks like a winner with some delicious golden and perfectly crispy skin. Great choice! Hope it's a wonderful Thanksgiving for you and your family :)

  4. What a nice surprise to be mentioned!! Thank you. And the chicken, oh my gosh, it looks AMAZING. After having tried several of Giada's recipes, I can tell by looking how good this one must have been.

    Putting it on my must try list.

  5. Your chicken looks so so good!The lemon just adds to the taste; keeping this recipe; Thank you.

  6. Thank you everyone! It was very tasty and made great leftovers...stayed moist!
    I am so stoked about Thanksgiving coming up now...only 2 more days :-)

  7. Look at the colour on that bird! It is a work of art. Looks absolutely delicious.

  8. I just adore roasting chicken or turkey with a mix of citrus, garlic, and herbs, so this looks just wonderful to me!

  9. The citrus in this would make me feel like the sun was shining. Even though. Well. It's not. Love this!

  10. Such a bright and sunny dish. You did a fabulous job on that chicken--it is magazine-perfectly roasted. ;-)

  11. That looks delish - all sticky and moist and "finger bowl please" - yum!

  12. Looks delicious. Maybe, I should try it to warm up from this cold, snowy weather we are having.

  13. Tina Marie - this looks absolutely beautiful - I love roast chicken - it is a regular staple in our house, and I know I would love this :-)

  14. Natashya - Thank you, I was pleased with the color, end results.

    Ty's Mom - Thank you! Definitely a keeper,

    Joanne - Wish I could send you some warm weather ansd sunshine.

    Deb - Thank you so much for claling it magazine-perfect! That means alot to me :-)

    Jo - so WAS sicky!

    Cook of the House - Smow?! Oh, I am sorry to hear that.

    Sue - We love a roasted chicken too...can't go wrong with that as the star of the tbale in my opinion!


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