Saturday, November 20, 2010

Simple Fare - Grilled Chicken, Drick's Green Bean and Artichoke Casserole and Garlic Rolls

Sometimes plain food is the best. And sometimes short posts without so much verbiage are good too. Busy times are snapping at the door for American Thanksgiving celebrations so……enjoy the following if you please (smile)

Grilled chicken…no marinade…just plain grilled chicken cooked over a charcoal grill (Thank you Doug)

Green Bean and Artichoke Casserole, the recipe courtesy of Drick’s Rambling CafĂ©. His recipe is HERE

His photos look great – and mine....well, I had a departure of plans with some ingredients and had to run an unexpected errand in the middle of cooking!

Garlic and Cheese rolls (they look like muffins). Forgot to grease the muffin pan and they stuck a bit. And fell apart, a bit.

Culinary Disasters…I swear the name of this blog ought to changed to that sometimes.

Plain and simple.


  1. Well the pictures may not be as artistic but I can understand that you had a beautiful, simple, flavorful meal. Sometimes we have to run like crazy even in a small room of a kitchen. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.

  2. you made me laugh...I think "Culinary Disasters" is a great name for a blog...seriously!

    and this meal looked good to me in any case!

  3. even the garlic and cheese rolls stuck a little they look very tasty and now I'm seriously craving one lol

  4. What great meal; that casserole really cought my attention; sounds wonderful!

  5. Hey, good food is good food...simple is a good thing :) I so want one of the rolls!

  6. now wait a minute, there is nothing wrong at all with your photos, in fact, I like yours better with the big ol' pieces of bacon, yum - thanks for the mention and for trying the recipe, now as for those muffins, all I see needing is a good pat of butter

  7. Thank you all for suhc nice comments! Brightens my day.

    If you all get a chance to try this green bean dish I would recommnd it. Dresses up veggies in a tasty fashion :-0

  8. I am loving the artichokes and green beans, Awesome meal. Proof that simple is best.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  9. Thank you Velva. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving...but I'll betcha we'll chat before the big day!

  10. Disasters in the kitchen are great - they're how we learn :-)

    Gotta say that sometimes plain grilled chicken just can't be improved on, especially if you have a volunteer to stand over the coals.

    As for the green bean and artichoke dish, I think you definitely improved on that - I think your pictures look much better, and I love the addition of the bacon - but then you knew I would, didn't you?!

    Sue :-)

  11. Sue, I agree. It's the disaters and just plain mistakes that makes us laern and the next dish is even better!

  12. I just love food - any food! Disasters happen but we've just got to ladle on a little more gravy or sauce ;o)

  13. Jo - How true...I like your gravy philosophy :-)


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