Ft Benning Soldiers Museum Trip

Last Thursday we took off to ride to Ft Benning Georgia and tour the Infantry Museum. All week it had been glorious weather and wouldn't you know it, Thursday morning we were socked in with heavy fog.

I know my Dad would not have liked us riding in fog but we did at least wait until much had cleared. Or so we thought. It was so thick after we'd headed out that it was dripping off my face shield. (I can see my father's anguished face).

This was a cool display. It's an airborne soldier jumping and the parachute is also a movie screen. The movie shows soldiers jumping out of planes.

Weapons, display boards, my Army bound son and a helicopter..........

Can you tell this is father and son? My favorite people :-)

Doug and Tristan shot at targets...it was a deal for $7 each. I want to do it next time. Tristan did better than the Infantry soldier taking part and was the only one to hit the 200 feet target!

It was a three hour ride one way - we spent a few hours at the museum, including the shooting, then rode back after lunch. We stopped at this place (photo below) midway back to buy some fresh sausage to grill that evening.

Doug, Tristan and Tristan's friend Angel are in this photo.

After six hours in the saddle (which I am proud to report I did not fall asleep even once! ) we were quite tired by the time we got home.

Fun day. If you have a chance to see this museum in Columbus Georgia it's well worth it. Some of these photos are on my Facebook album but for family who aren't Facebookers - enjoy!

Last but not least - This is a shot of the statue Iron Mike. It's good the soldiers are surrounding Iron Mike so you get an idea of how large this thing actually is!


Kim said...

I'm happy that you and Doug are able to spend so much time with Tristan lately. This seems like it was a great family trip.

The country meat store looks like a fun place too :)

Rosabela said...

I wish for the warmer days to come soon, like today! It's been cold and dreary here in northern Germany.

I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed your day with the family! We do a lot of museums and Fort Benning Soldiers Museum would have been up our alley.

BTW, I love the father-son photo! LOL

Rita said...

What a fun expedition you had. I have a feeling I would have spent a lot of time in that Meats and Country Store.

Pierce said...

Kim, I wish we lioved closer to that meat store. They process deer too...but don't sell it

Rosabela - thanks so much. I really like thta photo too. Sorry to hear you have dreary weather - this has been a wicked winter for so many people.

Rita - If I could have brought more meat home, I sure would have! We still had 60 miles to ride and the saddlebags over the pipes get too hot for too much fresh stuff.

fla_sgt said...

It was great seeing y'all today. Wish I would have staid longer. But didn't want to wear out our welcome. Glad Doug is doing so well. Love y'all. Love your blog.See ya soon. Jerry & Pat

Pierce said...

I like your handle there - Fla_Sgt. It was great seeing you Jerry and thanks for coming by. Too bad you missed seeing Tristan. See ya soon!

girlichef said...

I've been there! A few years ago, we drove down to pick up my brother from basic training.

Drick said...

great pic of your two boys... favorite people and photo too huh?... yep, could eat my way through that store for sure...

Velva said...

Very cool day. My rump would be sore sitting on a motorcycle seat for 3 hours each way :-) No doubt the trip was definitely worth it.

Hope all is better at Squirrel Lane.


P.S. if you are interested in submitting a photo for my Wordless Wednesday, don't hesitate.

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