Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Basic Training

For family and friends who have inquired about our son who recently shipped off to basic training in the Army, thank you so much. The following short video will show you just what reception was like for him and other recruits.

Reception to Basic Training from Fort Jackson PAO on Vimeo.

Now, the word reception sounds like,

"C'mon in! Welcome! We've been expecting you, have a piece of cake and grab a drink" Am I right? Reception sounds like it ought to be a warm experience., no, no.....poor guy received eight shots, four in each arm, on his second night. Eight! They process over 100 men and women each day. Wow.

Now Tristan is finished with reception and has completed almost two weeks of his training with Charlie Company.

I am passing this on from a Charlie Company status update:

This past week our son has endured many briefs and classes about finance, nutrition and sports medicine; proper weapon handling techniques, warrior ethos, and the army values (Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage).

Week one consists of mainly administrative training (briefs, in processing); however, C/2-39 did have one training event this week that was far from the ‘boring stuff’.

1. Victory Tower: Victory tower is an obstacle course that helps build courage; it is a repelling wall that is 45ft tall. Each Soldier must conquer their fear of heights in order to successfully complete the training event.

Next week’s training schedule events include:
Monday: TDC-1 (Team Development Course)
Tuesday: Land Navigation (Day and Night)
Thursday: NBC Chamber (Gas Chamber)
Friday: Fit to Win Obstacle Course

I look forward to seeing photos and hearing all about Victory Tower. He said he was looking forward to the gas chamber....I don't know why but he was clearly pumped about it.

We look forward to seeing him at graduation - thanks for all the well wishes and inquiries!



  1. I just wish they would let them use their phones. :( I miss hearing his voice.

  2. Only a week and a half until they get them back....if what we read was true!

  3. Bless him - I can remember my brother's basic training :o/

  4. Jo, we received a letter yesterday and he was really enjoying the Victory Tower...lots of climbing and rappeling down 45 feet. That is right up his alley! He has gas chamber today.

  5. Congratulations; as long as he is happy; cusious about that gas chanber.

  6. Lovely - must be great to know he's enjoying (well you know how I mean!!!) himself!

  7. With my fear of heights I would never make it! I wish your son the best!

  8. Oh I'm so glad to hear he's doing okay! I just know he's going to serve our country well and make everyone so proud!

  9. Thank you all so much! It's tough not talking to him each day as I was used to but they work 12 to 14 hours a not much time to write. And they aren't allowed to use the phone yet.

    He is loving the jumping and climbing though...he was always that way when he was a kid.

  10. Wow, intense! What a new world for him. And who knew they had to pay for those haircuts?

  11. I think they opught to just give the haircutsa free of charge. I mean, really.....they can't shave their heads without collecting 10 bucks.
    I haven't heard from him in awhile but we did see photos of his C Company coming out of the gas chamber. He LOVED the victory tower!

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