Sunday, March 20, 2011

JONAHS in Thomasville Georgia; The Shrimp and Cheddar Cheese Grits are worth the trip!!!

I don't think we could have asked for a nicer Saturday than the one we enjoyed yesterday. An amazing shrimp and grits lunch in Thomasville Georgia, a fun ride and very pretty weather.

We started out early on the bike to hunt down Myrtlewood Plantation so we wouldn't be late to a rehearsal dinner this upcoming Friday. It wasn't a huge pain to find but Google maps let us down on directions.

Also, so glad we did a dry run on the bike early's a dirt road heading down to the plantation....and had we decied to take the Road King this Friday to save gas....we would have been screwed. So, we never got a chance to see the grounds or take photos.

Now to the important stuff!!
Shrimp and Grits

Thomasville Georgia is a nice town with bricked streets in the downtown historic district. One of the reasons we headed there was to eat at Jonah's Fish and Grits restaurant. They were written up in Southern Living magazine in 2010.

This dish here - shrimp and grits - is what they are known for. Oh. My.

One day I will try to copy this and I hope we don't get sick of shrimp and white cheddar grits before I nail the recipe.

White cheddar grits with succulent medium sized shrimp, loaded with tender roasted veggies such as sweet red onion, zucchini, yellow squash, red bell pepper.

The hush puppy was unlike any I have ever eaten. Doug is from the south so his opinion counts more than mine on hush puppies (as I was not introduced to such until I moved to Florida). They were light....fall apart in your delicious that you didn't want it to end. I saved a tiny piece of mine until my shrimp and grits were almost gone.

Look at the size and texture.........

It was just enough of a serving that you weren't stuffed ...yet you were not wanting for more. When I saw a bowl delivered to a neighboring table, prior to us receiving our order, I noticed a woman scraping her bowl for the last bits with enough vigor and concentration that I wondered if the portions may not be skimpy. Not the case at's just that good!

We splurged and split a piece of key lime pie. Tristan would have loved that pie.

The ride back was nearly perfect - a combo of canopied live oak lined roads and open straightaways, the weather was a dream. Despite two people pulling out in front of us on lonely country Georgia roads (perhaps without the goal of
killing us...but still.....Doug had to make evasive manuevers), we made it back safely and enjoyed a beautiufl ride.

Oh...we stopped off in Havana to buy some PG Tips tea and wander around. This is one of the shops with such pretty landscaping and bushes....maybe we ought to plant some of this around our place. Lovely colors.

Hope you all are having a great Sunday!


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  1. few things finer than a plate of shrimp & grits (unless it's a larger plate) and sure would like a read-off of that hushpuppy too, get Doug working on copycat recipe soon before he forgets... hey, it ain't seafood, but do try my version of the short ribs ( actually, the same method with pork would be excellent) it is one fine taste sensation and I do want you to make it...

  2. We have been wanting to try Jonas. Now I know we HAVE to!! ;)

  3. Awww... Tristan told me about his love of Key Lime Pie... I even bought him one for himself before he left... :( I miss him.


  4. As you know (we've had this conversation before) grits and hush-puppies are an unknown quantity to me but the shrimp alone would be enough to make me dribble!!!

  5. That was a superb meal Tina! I am sure you had a wonderful time.

  6. That does look tasty! I just found some dried grits the other day, for the first time up here. I might get a chance to try them soon!

  7. Even tho I can't eat shrimp, I'd love some of these grits!!! MY MY!!! Just added your wonderful blog on my list of faves that I visit the most!

  8. Thank you to all! Goodness, you give me an endorphin rush with such nice comments! Funny how I wrote for years in journals and now expressing myself on a blog...I have met so many nice people. The internet can be a wonderful thing :-)

    I do want to try and figure this recipe out though. First step is finding real grits - not the instant fast cooking jobs.....

  9. Love all these great photos of a new place for me. And hanging my head...I've never tasted grits, this dish looks fabulous.

  10. Rita, I never had grits until I wa sin my late twenties...not a northern thing so I had not had them before.

  11. Just spent time drinking wine, eating cheese at Sweet Grass dairy-Ate dinner at Jonah's. A very good day.
    Funny, I should see this post.

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