Saturday, March 05, 2011

Spring Fever at IHCC AND it’s Time to Vote!!

First off, much thanks to Melissa, Anna's Place and Rich's Good Food for becoming followers of my blog!

Garlic and Sun Dried Tomato Corn Muffins – Just reading it, saying it aloud, makes me think of warm weather…Spring Fever is the theme!

I cut this recipe down since there’s just the two of us now (sniff sniff, eyes brim with tears) as Tristan is off visiting and saying his goodbyes to old friends and lovers, enjoying his last days of civilian life. Oh yeah…I digress…..the full recipe may be found HERE at Food Network.

Voting Time....... and to quote Girlichef hosting at IHCC………

“IT'S VOTING TIME! That's right. One more month of cooking with Giada...then we bring a guy into the kitchen. Who do you want to spend the next 6 months with? Rick Bayless...Bobby Flay...or Jamie Oliver. “

We are about to finish up our very fast six months with Miss Giada and now a boy chef has his turn. Right now I am leaning heavily toward Jamie. I love Jamie. But in complete fairness…..I have several cookbooks checked out (and on reserve) at my local library so I can make a more informed decision and vote. I don’t know anything about Bayless. Flay may be more than kitchen eye candy…………..(he’s really too clean cut for my liking…but hey, the dude can cook). At this moment I am backing Jamie to win………..we’ll see how the vote turns out.

In the meantime, let's enjoy Giada's recipes for one more month.

By the way, these corn muffins are a keeper....

Chock full of corn, sun dried-tomatoes...mmmm...mmmm

Head over to IHCC to see what others have prepared for Spring Fever and also to vote!



  1. These look delicious! Yummy!

  2. Hi Tina Marie, Like you, I also voted for Jamie. Your muffins look yummy yummy! I've really enjoyed following your great blog! Have a great Sunday! Roz

  3. Chandra Bali - Thank you so much!

    MM - They are so moist. Keepers for sure.

    Roz - You too...the Sunday I mean :-) Thanks for the kind words too! Go Jamie!!

  4. I made these a while back and they were sooo good. I'm thrilled to see them again and they look great.Nice job!

  5. I vote for Flay...but, most of his recipes require a grill. My 2nd choice is Bayless. I have his cookbook, he is really good too. I like Jaime but, I like the others more.

    Your corn muffins with sun dried tomatoes, very nice.

    btw, I don't know what happened to our warm weather (sigh). It;s cold and blustery today (ugh). Should warm-up mid week again.


  6. Yum.... this southern gal loves corn muffins.

  7. Meredith - Thanks for visiting :-) It was a treat to have these muffins around and I will certainly make them again.

    Velva - I just got a boat load of Flay books from the library and, I can see enjoying his recipes too. I hope it warms up soon. We grilled tonight but, the steak started getting cold before Doug came inside!

    Hi Moogie! This is a new twist on corn muffins for em.

  8. Oh, these muffins do look tasty--a great pick.

    I don't think we can go wrong with any of our possible chefs--they are all wonderful in my book! ;-)

  9. They do look really tasty! I should make them for Charles, he loves corn muffins.

  10. Never made corn muffins but I do love them; thanks so much for sharing this tasty recipe.

  11. Tina- I've always wanted to make this recipe (mostly I'm curious about the combo. Awhile back when I was all set to make them I had read some bad reviews on them on the Food Network site and got scared off. However, I'm still curious and if you liked them then I definitely want to give them a try! Thanks for sharing these:)

  12. Yum T - what did you serve them with? Off to look at the recipe ...

  13. p.s. Love Jamie BUT have you considered Nigel Slater?

  14. Yumm, these corn muffins look delicious!

    Thank you for following my blog, joined yours immediatly.

    One more day and we will now who where cooking with for the next six months. Seems like Jamie it will be!

  15. Natashya, if Charles like corn muffins he will love these. It's a different twist on muffins, love em.

    Rita, it calls for a box mix and that's what I simple.

    Kim, do try these, they came out perfectly. The buttermilk made them so moist!

    Mrs. L - I served them with roasted chicken and a pasta meal the folllowing evening. I am not a cohost for the cooking club and so I just vote for whomever they put up...but I love the choices. Maybe they will try Nigel in a year as it's boy-girl rotations of chefs!

    Yvette - thank you! I need to go see how the voting turned out....can't go wrong with any of these guys as Deb said!


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