Friday, April 01, 2011

Everything is Amazing and Nobodys Happy

This guy makes some points I found to be obvious yet hilarious.

What's on tap for everyone this weekend? It's baseball season again...Phillies are playing tonight :-)

We heard from Tristan and he seems to be enjoying basic training (for the most part)- LOVED the Victory Tower where he could bound down in three or four jumps. Actually liked the gas chamber and is looking forward to the firearms training starting next week.

Oh, I made these little lava cakes that were soooo good.

Gotta do that again.

We are riding to St Marks tomorrow with Flat Stanley...eating seafood, getting a long ride in. Great weather is expected so I am excited.

Have a great weekend all!


  1. I have seen that video before....hilarious and so

    Lava cakes = LOVE!!!

  2. I've never attempted lava cakes but I have a recipe for them bookmarked in one of my cookbooks. Have a wonderful weekend! It's actually going to be sunny and relatively warm (52F) here in Toronto too. Have fun!

  3. I made lava cakes yesterday too. Yours look gorgeouw Tina! Have a beautiful weekend!

  4. Renee - thanks for both , we love chocolate and that video is a dated but I liked it :-)

    Ohhh Brenda - good weather. Spring is here!

    Katerina - You too, it's such nice weather here and thanks!

  5. hope you had fun today, I know ya'll did.... nice looking treat and I did chuckle at that guy, although the next video was funny (and potty-mouth)... thanks for keeping us informed

  6. Tina- I loved that video clip and couldn't agree more. My husband and I went to dinner Friday night and there was a family with 6 kids sitting next to us. Every child had an iphone or an Ipad and none of them were talking. The concept of family dinner has flown out the window and our kids are more spoiled than ever. The sight of that family put me over the edge.

    On the other hand, those lava cakes...AMAZING!!

  7. Lava cakes - like chocolate fondants? He made me snigger ;o)

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