Wednesday, May 04, 2011

I wouldn’t say Mum’s the Word on this dish…it’s meant to be shared...Grilled Tuna and peas.....and wine.

First off, thank you to Ashley for becoming a follower of my blog!

I Heart Cooking Club’s theme is Mum…for Mother’s Day (in the U.S. ) coming up, right?

Personally, I don’t like to go out to dinner to celebrate Mother’s Day as it’s always over-rushed and over priced. It’s not that I’m cheap….but we can purchase some very nice ingredients for a dinner at a fraction at the cost AND No one needs to be a designated driver. That being said, no one gets sloppy sloshed either……but knowing you are free from the worry of “how to get home” allows for a relaxing pleasurable evening.

For my mother, were she still alive, I think she’d enjoy a grilled steak and sitting on the glider out back……sipping iced tea. Watching her vegetable garden as the sprinkler swooshes back and forth over the tomatoes and beans. For me….oh …so many things …..and all of them grilled.

One I chose for this week’s theme is Jamie’s Grilled Tuna and Peas ......Recipe HERE

I didn’t get the broad beans but they weren’t missed. We’ll be having this one again.

Oh yeah...don't forget the bread.........

You know what to dosurf over to IHCC and see how Mum inspired other foodies.



  1. My family doesn't go out for most holidays either (especially when I offer to cook lol). Honestly, I'd rather pay for some good fish or good quality ingredients that I can prepare myself than for who-knows-what at a restaurant. this meal looks delicious! I love tuna and this simple preparation would be such a hit around here!

  2. I'm the same way...I love to "stay in" and eat a fabulous meal in a chill manner. This is a great meal, sounds so awesome. I'd be a happy mum ;)

  3. The few times we went out for Mother's Day it was such a hassle! Long wait for a table, large crowds. No thanks!

    Grilling sounds like a great idea!

  4. I'm with you. I like to stay in too, especially if I can dine outdoors and have all the tasty things that are on your table! The tuna looks perfectly done.

    Happy Mother's Day! I hope you get to hear from Tristan this week.

  5. I am on the lookout for Grilled recipes. We just purchased a new BBQ and anxious to try food I have never cooked before; tuna is one of them. Those green peas are sparkling! Thank you and Happy Mother's Day!

  6. Yum - beautiful tuna!
    Happy Mother's day T ;o)

  7. aren't you just loving this cool spell we're having, I mean, hope you guys are having it too, have to wear a jacket in the mornings - and the evenings on the patio could almost be sleeping areas (with nets) ... great looking tuna, good job, save me a seat next time

  8. We love to stay home to eat too. Better wine, better atmosphere.. more money leftover for tasteful Mother's Day gifts... ;-)
    Love the tuna! It is hard to find here, but we love it too. Beautiful!

  9. Thanks to you all! We have been enjoying the weather...mostly cool but highs around 80 F lately. Great for walking or dining outside.

    This tuna was gooooood!

  10. I rarely celebrate holidays with restaurant food. I agree with you, you can prepare a fine meal at home.
    Your meal presented is a case in point-awesome.


  11. Thanks Velva :-) Have a happy mothers day.

  12. I used to like salmon more but in recent years I've been getting more into grilling tuna. Can't wait to try this, the peas with herb dressing sound like they would be a great accompaniment.

  13. I am all about eating in too--I like having control over my ingredients. ;-) This look delicious--I love tuna anytime I can get it. Happy Mother's Day.

  14. The grilled tuna looks amazing, i would stay in for that.


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