Not-up-to-Italian-Standards Olive Garden Chicken Scampi

A garrulous second-generation Italian guy used to cut my husband and son’s hair. Every couple of weeks we’d head to the barber shop. I’d sit and read while the guys sat in the chair getting shaved, listening to Mike’s opinions as he cut, stopping to wave his hands around as he made (what he thought) was a particularly good point. Comb in one hand and the clippers in the other, he’d step back from the chair and yammer. Then he’d cut and shave some more. Still yammering, mind you.

We traded insults every once in awhile…….it felt like I was back in Philly. Good times. Ok, what does this have to do with a knock off recipe for Olive Garden’s chicken Scampi? During one of the visits as Mike was sharing the minutiae of his day, the subject of restaurants came up.

He said, “no self respecting Italian would ever eat at Olive Garden.” As the word garden left his mouth, he all but spat on the floor in disgust at the slop they must serve to the masses.

Right. Well…. I for one love authentic and local Italian places. We don’t eat at chain restaurants very often. But I will admit – I liked the chicken scampi they served at O.G. My version here turned out well. I’d recommend it.

Olive Garden Chicken Scampi recipe may be found HERE

Buon Appetito!


girlichef said...

ha ha ha...well, I think it looks delicious! And you know I worked there once upon a time...waaaaay back in the day, right? I don't find them all that offensive. 'Course, I'm not Italian either... ;P

Drick said...

still chuckling... now the thing I hear most about OG is their salads and how good people like 'em, I think their house vinaigrette is just awful, like right out of a bottle but then I haven't eaten there in years so what the hell do I know... nope, too much like your barber (spat) ,,, by the way, I doing a afredo like sauce with meatballs over noodles - don't know what you call it, I call it 'cupboard finds'

Brenda said...

We don't go to chain restaurants very often either but we used to love Olive Garden! It's been years since they left Canada (Ontario anyway) so it's been years since I've eaten at one. I've tried a couple of their knock-off recipes and they were huge hits. I bet this one would be too! Miss you on FB by the way....

Le laquet said...

I know what he/you mean about chain restaurants BUT some are ok - now we don't have OG in the UK (at least I don't think we do) but then scampi is different here too. Off to check out the recipe - the pics made my mouth water at 5am for what it's worth!

Pierce said...

Heather, I used to love going to Olive Garden and actually, I think you could scaore a pretty good meal there...depends what you get.

I love love love Carrabbas, but my favs around these parts are the locally owned mom&pop places. can't beat 'em!

Drick, I like that - cupboard finds. May I quote you in future recipes !!

Awww...Brenda...FB was an addication and I needed the break :-0

Jo, it's apretty good and simple recipe - do try it!

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