Updates - Cocktails, Shooters, Italy in Reading Challenge, Heat and Cancelling Satellite

First off, thank you to Kim Bee of Cravings of a Lunatic for following my blog!

What's new at our place? Just the usual......cocktails, reading and growing stuff.

Vodka Gimlets - a refreshingly cold drink to start off with
appetizers. Read about it at Cocktail Puppy

Interested in a crazy combination of liquor that will get you tanked without
you realizing it's sneaking up on you? Three words - Brave Bull Shooters. This isn't a cocktail so it's not headlining at Cocktail Puppy. This was a stumble upon kinda drink that seemed like a great idea at the time.

Kahlua and Tequila shooters. Equal measures.
They taste like a vibrating dessert as it hits your tongue and drains down the back of your throat. Your eyes open wide with delight as first drop meets tongue.

Warnings: The caffeine in the kahlua will keep you from sleeping if you (stupidly) enjoy several shots an hour or so before bedtime.
They'll also make you behave poorly. Your mother wouldn't be proud. Nuff said.

The Garden - If I could bottle my satisfaction over some tomatoes, peppers and herbs...I'd be a millionaire. Clearly we need more of the growing containers which Doug received as a gift. This one came from Worm's Way but I think you could get them at a local garden store.

(Couch Pirate Kobe looks around to see if he'll get busted stealing tomatoes)

The tomatoes are so healthy and plentiful. It was helpful for us to log details of what, when and where we planted. Good info for next year - what areas are the better ones for particular veggies or herbs.


Italy in Reading 2011
I have read four books toward my Italy in Books Reading 2011 challenge.

Just finished Eat Love Pray (enough to make you want to drink listening/reading to all that whining) and have started Daughter of Sienna. Getting involved in the challenge has motivated me to read more. I don't win anything and it's not a blog hop.....I just miss being the voracious reader I used to be prior to all these electronic/computer/mobile devices that distract me. My reviews are over at Novel Meals

No TV shows - Just Netflicks
We are no longer subscribers of Direct TV. No complaints about the service, they are fantastic...but we don't watch television programs much anymore. We would scroll down through the guide and find...nothing. (Of interest to us at any rate) With over 200 channels you'd think there would be something. Food Network has become nothing but contest-type shows...seems like it anytime I looked.

We suspended the service the first week of May and honestly, except for House and NCIS - I don't miss it. After a bit of time I don't even think about those two shows either. Saves us a bit of moola too.

That's it in a nutshell. I hope June has been going well for you :-)


Brenda said...

I love Netflix, I could easily get rid of our satellite tv if it weren't for my husband and son (sigh....) as I very rarely watch it. I thought Eat Pray Love was one of the most boring books I have ever read. I really really disliked her, lol. You're right, I should have drank while reading it, it might have been better.

Ott, A. said...

i will take one of those drinks with extra khula as it's going to be a late night!

Pierce said...

Brenda, it was our new patio that was the catalyst for canceling Direct Tv, believe it or not. We were spedning so much time out there and there is so much shit on tv...I am writing up a review of Eat Love Pray. Ugh.

Ott A - And that kahlua will sure keep you up!!

Joanne said...

Those shooters sound like the perfect "drink of summer"! Regardless of how my mother feels about them :P

Pierce said...

Joanne - don'yt have them before bedtime, you won't sleep. Guarenteed!

Le laquet said...

Oh - vodka (not gin) gimlets ... interesting. We have just bottled up the plum and cinnamon vodka we made 3 months ago - oh my it's delicious!! Need to make more next time ;o)

Pierce said...

Mrs L - I need to know your recipe. That would be fun working on that together!

Le laquet said...

It was so simple T - if the plums had been nicer I would have made crumble with them ... cherries in white rum next I think!

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