Brit Bites with Jamie Oliver

The theme at I Heart Cooking Club this week is Brit Bites. Possibilities that came to mind were fish and chips, Eton mess, anything lamb…(well, not a lamb cobbler) and the decision is….Bangers and Mash!

Bangers and Mash is from Jamie’s “Pub Food” featured on Food Network.

It’s fun food for me….perhaps it’s the memories of a trip kicking around England (oh man…that was actually 12 long years ago) and the good times we had eating at pubs. All the noise and conversation and frothy ales being delivered to tables (ours included) from over-worked waitresses.

We used fat Surry Sausages from Fresh Market

Comfort food...Brit style!

Jamie’s Bangers and Mash recipe may be found HERE

Don't forget the grainy mustard.......

And don't forget to visit I Heart Cooking Club to see other Brit Bites ........

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